Thank you for taking the time to view my credentials.

I am currently involved in a broad range of Internet development projects, involving systems administration (Linux and NT) , programming in ASP, Javascript, PHP, SQL and other languages, and database development.

My previous experience includes a mixture of research (non destructive testing), instrumentation design and development, programming (mainly microprocessor/assembler and PC/VisualBASIC), technical writing and computer applications support. This has allowed me to work alongside many people on a very broad range of projects and technologies.

Throughout my career I have been active on the Internet, and won a national competition (TUANZ) for web page design. I have a strong interest in the potential for the Internet/intranet and am interested in any technologies which relate to this area at any level, particularly database design and other forms of web site automation. I am also very interested in the way these technologies can be used to help people across all sectors of society.

The main commercial skills I have to offer include skills in many web / Internet technologies, experience in a broad range of more specialised applications, technical writing skills, project management, user/application support, communication skills and the ability to focus and acquire skills in a particular technical area quickly given the opportunity and motivation. Most importantly I do not have a narrow view of where I might fit into an industry where flexibility is becoming increasingly important.

My curriculum vitae covers my work experience, skills and other interests. Also available is a list of publications, reports and project descriptions which will give an idea of the depth and scope of my experience.


Bruce Spedding