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I envisage that the first thread will be fairly utilitarian, with a typical tree hierarchy, with search engines etc. available. Aimed mainly at the focussed and directed vistor/browser who arrives searching for specific information and is not interested in the frills and aesthetics. The pages will be structured according to this hierarchy rather than according to the possible occupation or purpose of the searcher. This section will be fairly dry and "corporate".

The second thread will structured more in line with a intention rather than a goal, such as a prospective or current student or staff member. For example there would be links from course descriptions to relevant regulations. This thread will contain more graphics and "personality" without becoming frivolous.

The third thread is really an extension of the second, whereby the visitor may step through a prescribed sequence of pages according to their purpose, be it a tour of a department, the enrollment procedure, the library facilities etc. This takes the randomness and hence potential to miss critical or useful stops out of the process, but avoids the frequent dead ends and side tracking which occurs with normal browsing. The user can interrupt, resume and bookmark at any time for later revisiting.

The fourth thread will cater for the less formal aspects of the site and will contain animation and other features designed to appeal to (amoung others) younger visitors (school children etc.). Themes will be more along the lines of project topics or subject areas and will contain interactive multimedia tutorials, an on-line full time "open day"