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With the help of the SpeedMate, you are sure to improve your sailing performance. It quickly "tells" you whether what you did (rig adjustment, stance, etc.) makes you go faster, or not. Plus, it's a lot of fun to see how fast and how far you sail!

A screw worm type, magnetized impeller, hardly larger than the eraser on a pencil, attaches to the back of your fin via ultra-thin mylar tape, and sends a magnetic pulse through the board. No holes or marks in/on your fin. No drag! (Elliot Leboe recently achieved a speed of 48.7 MPH, with the impeller mounted on his fin.) At the same time, it is a very strong mount. It won't come off at any speed, even when wave jumping.

SpeedMate Surf mounting diagram

The kit comes with two mounting options. The display of the Speedmate mounts on a docking bay. The docking bay can be attached directly to the board, with the tabs of Dual Lock that are included. If you chose to mount the dock directly to your board, it is usually mounted just behind the rear footstraps, with the safety lanyard tied off to one of the footstarps for security. The other option is to use the included strap to mount the display to the footstrap itself. The docking bay will attach to the strap semi-permanently, with the Dual Lock gripping onto the "loop" side of the strap. The dock is attached to the strap and left there. The strap (with the docking bay attached) can then be wrapped around the footstrap itself. Just put your display into the docking bay, tie off the safety lanyard, and the Speedmate is ready to go. This allows the instrument to be moved from board to board without additional Dual Lock.

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