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Wind in your hair, spray flying past, the board under your feet becomes a vibrant, living thing pounding over the waves. Just imagine, all those summers and you could have been doing this instead of watching enviously from the beach. Fancy thinking it was too difficult when all you had to do was make the decision. That decision to book in for a basic course at my school will unlock this amazing experience for you. Your ability to stay on the board and go where you will is guaranteed by the modern techniques, equipment and the simulator I have developed. Even your first time afloat will be enjoyable because you will have learnt the difficult bit on they simulator.

Age or fitness is no concern, just as lon as you can climb out of a pool.

The basic course takes only 10 hours , but gives me time to properly prepare you for each requirement to reach the competency for the NZWA Certificate that you will be awarded on completion.

There is no extra charge if more time is needed, but be advised to book in soon as there's only one instructor and I take only the number I can properly teach.

In all cases you will pay less than $20/hour and people who can take their lessons mid-week pay less. For the basic competency course, the charge is: $190.00 Remember, this charge includes all the equipment which will be selected to suit your individual needs. Schools and clubs are invited to ask for quotes on full use of the facility

On registering,,each student will be issued with the following:

  • A progress card
  • A syllabus
  • A copy of the theory notes

At the completion of the course, each student will receive a Certificate of Basic Competency.

If, during this course, it becomes obvious to either the student or the instructor that the standard will not be reached, a proportional refund is in order:

Other courses available:

  • Refresher Course (5 hours) $95.00
  • Stronger Wind Course $95.00 (If supplying all own equipment) $45.00
  • Trouble-shooting (By the hour-own equipment) $20.00
Hannah's Bay
Office:12 Willow Ave, Rotorua
Ph (07) 345 5327


Not a very good name for a course that equips you to windsurf socially with confidence

Whenever and wherever someone goes afloat on a windsurfer there will be spectators. Human nature being what it is, they will secretly delight in seeing you fail to master something that they can't do. People who have completed the "basic" course at Rotorua Windsurfing School need not fear this situation.

Right from the start you will find that you are thoroughly prepared for all the challenges that make the sport what it is.

The syllabus is carefully planned to cover all the skills and knowledge that will enable you to enjoy windsurfing wherever you find suitable equipment and conditions without relying on assistance and without worrying about a "loss of face" in front of the inevitable spectators. In addition to this, you will receive the N.Z.W.A. Basic Competence Certificate.

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Ken Kingsbury

Ken KingsburyI was born in the UK in 1942 and cannot remember not being fascinated by sailing. I left school to study naval architecture in 1959. In '62 the Royal Navy recruited me to fly helicopters. This became my career and sailing just my hobby.

In 1974 1 emigrated to NZ with my wife and two sons. Windsurfing became the family sport in '81. After teaching our sons, I taught friends and progressed to teaching windsurfing as a business. Eventually I took the NZWA Instructors' Course in May 1989 and have enjoyed teaching full-time since then. A flying job led me to Hannah's Bay which seemed the perfect place for a Windsurf School.

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