1997 Sail Range
My 1997 Race sails have exciting sail design innovations. Race sails are up .4 square metres across the range giving better up and off wind speed. These new sail shapes will allow higher performance without any loss of comfort and control.

Taranaki is now recognised as one of the world's, top wave sailing locations. Developed and tested in Taranaki's numerous top sailing breaks , the 1997 Wave Series continues to be evolved to meet the demand of all sailors.

I believe the 1997 design innovations will ensure people using TSC Sails continue to be competitive. In 1996 five of the top ten sailors in slalom course and wave events used TSC Competition Series Sails.

TSC Race Sails
My latest race sail design will enable you to use bigger foils of up .4 square metres across the range while not compromising handling or speed.

A 7.4 m2 is now my standard course sail and is used in up to 20 knots breeze (the same wind range as last years 7.0 m2). These new sail shapes will allow higher performance without any loss of comfort and control.

Features include:

  • New specially developed dacron luff material, less water soakage, less stretch, less weight.
  • Replacement of the mylar luff panel with monofilm for superior weight /stretch performance.
  • Continued use of 7 cams and heavy duty tube developed during 95-96 season.
    Race Sails

Retail (incl. GST)

7.4 7.0 6.6 6.2 5.8 5.2 4.4 3.8
$1244 $1220 $1197 $1173 $1149 $1126 $1102 $1078

The new sail designs will be compatible with both last years race masts and the new Fibrespar R5000 Range (90% Carbon)

TSC Wave Sails
I have won the last nine consecutive NZ titles on my TSC wave sails.

This range of sails has been built strong enough to handle the gnarliest surf conditions. The designs handle a large wind range and have speed stability .

The wave sails are made out of the strongest materials available. All panels are 188 micron monofilm (very heavy duty) except the top panel which is 250 micron. This eliminates all leach flutter and trailing edge cloth damage so common in modern sails. All patches and seam; sandwich taped with special seamstick and adhesive sail cloth.

For entry level sailors I highly recommend wave sails as versatile light handling sails with high wind range and excellent flat water speed and performance. It is important that the largest sail is exactly tuned for your needs.

Wave Sails
Retail (incl. GST)

5.5-5.7 4.9-5.2 4.6-4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0
$811 $795 $771 $748 $732 $716

Without matching your sail sizes and correctly you will un-necessarily miss out sweet quiver that gives you the best perform for value. If you are not sure just call me.

Booms Masts Bases and Harnesses

Dynafiber - Wave Masts This year I am able to supply the Dynafiber range of wave masts at excellent prices. I have thoroughly tested them and found that their performance as good or better than anything else on the market with excellent bend patterns and quick response. They are fully guaranteed for two years.


  • Tsunami Surf
    • 430 CM $405
    • 460 CM $420
  • Fibrespar R5000 Masts (90% Carbon)
    • 430/21 $657
    • 460/25 $675
    • 490/29 $ 715


Dynafiber . Carbon Booms

The Dynafiber Carbon Boom sets a new performance standard for carbon booms. They are narrower in diameter and stiffer than other carbon booms.

Carbon Booms Cost (lncl. GST)

  • 130-175 CM $540
  • 154-200 CM $547
  • 175-220 CM $555
  • 85-230 CM $562

Weight Jacket S- M-L $196


  • Race $181
  • Wave $181

Kinetic Tendon Mast Foot and 30 cm Base $1 70

Service and Quality Guarantee
TSC is the only fully New Zealand manufactured sail. My sail range this year is the product of evolution, improvements gained from hours of on the water testing, tuning and re testing against the best equipment. The benefits of designing and manufacturing sails in Taranaki are reflected in my contest results:
  • lst NZ slalom 1995
  • 1st NZ course slalom 1996
  • 2nd NZ slalom 1996
  • 1st Sirocco wave event 1996 (8th consecutive)

My sails continued improvement in this extremely competitive environment is due to my total commitment to wind surfing and soil making (11 years designing and manufacturing your sails).

I can provide not only the equipment but a full range of advice on equipment compatibility, rigging fin, sail, board and mast combinations.

This back up and advice Is a phone call away.

Dale Muller Taranaki Sail Co.
69 Wairau Road, Oakura New Plymouth New Zealand , Phone /Fax 06 7527733


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