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28 MARCH 2000


The Series could best be described as a moderate success. Around 60 competitors have entered one or more day, with around 35 sailors on any one day. The wind has been anything between 3 and 12 knots, never really getting strong enough to encourage many shortboarders to compete. Having said that, on Day 3 Race 1 at Kohimarama, Brohn Torckler impressed everyone by winning in around 12 knot conditions, fortunately the wind was reasonably steady.

Day 2 at Pt Chev saw one good race in 15 knots reducing to 8 knots, and down to about 5 as many finished. Shortly after that, racing was abandoned as it fell away even more. Day 3 at Kohi saw the return of a few Olympic squad sailors who had been overseas, and winds around 12 knots reducing later to around the 6 knot mark. Jon-Paul Tobin looked good, Brohn looked very good for one race! Bruce Trotter turned up on a new F2 course board, described by various people as "an aircraft carrier" or "2 IMCOs tied together"’s quite a big board with huge volume. It went well, although we must give Boris some credit as well - he’s no slouch on a longboard.

Day 4 at Pt Chev was a beautiful day - great for enjoying summer, but not for sailing. It was postponed until the 26 March, and luckily the law of averages applied, and we got a reasonable day.

Day 4, Pt Chev, Sun 26 March:

At last - a forecast of 15 knots southerly. Actually it was around the 12 to 15 knots at first, then it couldn’t make it’s mind up - but on average it gradually dropped to around 8 knots. Brohn ripped in Race 1, but found the slightly reduced wind in Race 2 and 3 a bit hard to keep on the plane. Ray Smith, who hasn’t raced for a year or so, impressed on his shortboard as well, but again fell of the pace as the wind dropped. Paul Page continued his consistent performances to be well placed in every race. Arthur Gatland, lying 4th in Race 1, suffered the ignominity of having his sail detach from the board, and had to swim 30m to catch his board, paddle back to retrieve his still-floating rig, reattach the sail, then continue the race - managing to hang on to 14th place.

In the Series overall, Paul Page was a convincing winner, with Vaughn Clark sailing consistently to achieve 2nd overall, and Arthur Gatland in third place.

The City of Sails will continue again next Summer, but Arthur Gatland has reached the inevitable conclusion that other demands on his time means he cannot continue to run the Series. Ian Gavin of Pt Chev - who has done much of the donkey work this year - will steer the organisation next summer. However, he would LOVE some help!! If you can offer a few hours to assist, and keep this great Series going, please let Ian (ph 846-1828) or Arthur know.

Results from the City of Sails Series are enclosed.

There’s still plenty og great events happening around Auckland!

Starting with Next weekend.........


March 31 - Apr 2, at Takapuna.

Note that this event IS OPEN TO ALL SAILORS. You can turn up on your Cat or F2 with any sail, and compete in the OPEN CLASS. Entry fee will be cheaper for non-IMCO sailors, you are basically competing in a "Fun" event in conjunction with the Mistral Nationals.

The "Apline Mistral Nationals Takapuna 2000" run over 3 days (entry fee $70), and in conjunction the "Alpine Windsurfing Weekend Takapuna 2000" runs on the Sat and Sun (entry fee $40). Briefing 10:30 each day.

Another exciting event coming up....


Sat 15 April, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparoa:

Registration at 13 Claude Road, Stanmore Bay, between 10:00 and 11:30, race starts 12:30. Expect a marathon race of around 25 to 30 nm. Organised by Luke "Coastal Classic" Wigglesworth, this should be a great event! Similar events in past year have attracted up to 90 competitors!!

Phone number for Luke at home 09-521 4080, or on 15 April - 09-424 7820.


Yes, more good news....Manukau and Pt Chev have combined again for our regular Winter Series, but this with a new venue - Gulf Harbour! They have enthusiastically volunteered to host a couple of events as part of the Winter Series. As a result, there are 2 events at each venue, roughly one month apart, over the Winter months. Details are enclosed.

The Olympic Trials are over.

Aaron McIntosh and Jon-Paul Tobin had a great tussle, with Bruce Kendall keeping them both honest. In variable conditions from light to 30 knots, Aaron had the edge and in the end won with 2 races to spare. Barbara was a comfortable winner in the women’s, and gave most of the men a fright as well. The standard of sailing is certainly still high in NZ, and it looks hopeful for our sailors in Sydney for the Olympics.


Reminder - subs are now due, and ENCLOSED is a new Sub Renewal form to complete and send with your fee. Note that the Windsurfing New Zealand affiliation fees have changed. You need to pay $10 Affiliation (which keeps your NZL Sail number, and supports the excellent work that WSNZ do on our behalf). Additionally, you have the option of paying an extra $20, which gives you Full WSNZ Membership, including receiving the national newsletter. This includes news from overseas, as well as snippets from other Clubs within NZ.

So please SEND YOUR SUBS NOW.........either $40 for Manukau membership plus WSNZ Affiliation, or $60 for this plus full WSNZ membership.

ADDITIONALLY, for those techno-whizzes who have E-mail, please write you E-mail address on the subs form. I can then send out newsletters via e-mail, saving on cost, and most important to me - TIME! Some members sent their forms back, but no e-mail address even though I know they are on e-mail!! If this is you, phone me with your e-mail address please!!

THAT’S All for now. Hope to see you all out on the water, at one or all of the great events over the next few months, You will notice that we have reduced the number of Manukau events planned, and instead combined with the other Clubs to achieve greater numbers and better sailing. We hope you agree this is the best plan of action. (Additionally, the tides in June and July are particularly unfavourable for racedays at Conifer Grove.)

See you at all the coming events!!!


Windsurfing NZ