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30 SEPT 1999


Hi everyone.....your Club President and newsletter-scribe has been on holiday for the last 4 weeks, relaxing and enjoying the 28-degree summer in England. I’m back home and enthusiastically(!?) starting to make plans for the summer season of racing. More on that later....Firstly, an update on what’s been happening during the winter.


The short answer to "what’s been happening" in this event is not much! Out of 6 planned racedays in this series, we only had ONE day with any wind! The last time that happened was about 6 years ago, so let’s hope it doesn’t happen again for a few years! The one raceday we did get some wind was at Conifer Grove on 18th July - we had a turnout of 16 competitors (interestingly none from Pt Chev). There was a northerly wind, varying between 5 and 12 knots. A number of optimistic sailors thought the wind was filling in, and ventured out on shortboards - unfortunately it dropped off again, resulting in 4 DNFs in Race 1. In the conditions the "lighties" did well, with James Eason having 3 good races. Results for this raceday are enclosed - unfortunately that was it for the Series!

However, the Equinox has just passed - traditionally this is a time of moderate south-westerlies. We have had a few good days over the last week, and hopefully we’ll get more wind for the spring.

For those who have put their gear into hibernation over the winter, don’t forget to check over your equipment. It doesn’t take much - look for any corrosion on the alloy bits, if so sand it off and make sure it hasn’t seriously eaten into the metal. Check all your ropes - mast base, outhauls, adjustable downhaul etc and replace any rope that it showing signs of fraying or tiredness. Treat the bottom of your board to a gentle wet-and-dry sand - use 400 or finer grade with plenty of water, and just remove any surface grime. Check your fins, and sand out any nicks in the leadsing edge.

Similarly, if you haven’t sailed for a while, check out your own body! Do a few stretches before and after sailing, especially your back, arms, and calf muscles. If you are sailing for more than about an hour, remember to keep hydrated while you are sailing - carry a camel-pak or stop frequently for a drink.



Our first slalom raceday for some time! Briefing will be at 10:00, with high tide at 12:00. We will run our usual format of drawn heats of approx 8 sailors, and everyone should get about 6 races minimum. Pray for wind!! If there’s insufficient wind, we will run course races, and use 24 October as a reserve slalom day.


This speed sailing contest is being held at Mangawhai Heads during the week 2-10 October. Contact Luke Wigglesworth for details on 521-4080. This is your chance to have your true speed checked over a 500m course.

MWC RACING - 24 October:

Next Club raceday after the slalom on 10 Oct. This will be course racing, OR slalom if we don’t get enough wind on 10th for slalom. Bring all your gear! Briefing will be at 9:30am.


Yes, it’s on again this summer......details yet to be finalised, but you can expect the usual 4 or 5 racedays at various venues around Auckland. Details to be announced later. One of the things to be finalised is the various Classes - with the demise of Formula 42 internationally, we must decide what we are going to do for the City of Sails. As discussed in previous newsletters, it is likely that the Raceboard Class will carry more weight, with possibly a 7.5 and 8.5 sail option (and maybe even bigger for super-heavyweights.) However, there will definitely be a shortboard class, either as an Open Class, or Formula Windsurfing Rules, or similar. More details as they come to hand - I’, awaiting more information and decisions from Windsurfing New Zealand.....

That’s all for now - hope to see you at Conifer Grove on 10th October!


Windsurfing NZ