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1 NOV 1999
Hi everyone - another brief newsletter to bring you up to date on forthcoming events. You will be pleased to know that the City of Sails Series is continuing this summer. El Presidente has been liaising with Ian Gavin (Pt Chev Sailing Club) and details have been finalised. You should be getting a mailout shortly - but the main details follow in this newsletter. But before that....


This Sunday - 7 November - there will be a course raceday at Conifer Grove. BRIEFING 10:00 am. First race starts 10:30, high tide 11:00. Three races as usual. Now’s the time to start getting in practice for the City of Sails - hope to get a good turnout!


Details are as follows:

Day 1 - 12 Dec - Manukau

Day 2 - 16 Jan - Pt Chev

Day 3 - 13 Feb - venue TBA

Day 4 - 27 Feb - Pt Chev

With the demise internationally of Formula 42, we have decided on simplified classes to cater for -

(a) all those who still want to use 8.5m sails

(b) shortboarders

(c) IMCO sailors.

The classes are as follows:

A. Open Class - any gear, no restrictions. Within the Open Class are the following divisions:

(a) Open Masters (over 35)

(b) Open Grandmasters (over 45)


C. Raceboard - International RB rules (7.5m)

D. Shortboard - any shortboard, any sail.

Note that B, C, and D are also scored within the Open Class overall.

E. Sports Class

F. Fun Class

The dates have been chosen to avoid confliction with the NZ Racing Nationals (Lake Aviemore 29 Jan to 3 Feb) and NZ Masters Games (Dunedin 6-7 Feb). There is also the Volcanic Classic (round Rangi race) on 12 March, and the Olympic Sail and Mistral Nationals following on. Another full summer’s racing!

RESULTS - MWC Slalom Races - 10 October

This turned out to be a great day’s sailing! A small but enthusiastic turnout enjoyed back-to-back slalom races, which meant several hours of almost non-stop blasting! The wind was a bit lighter than some would have liked, but those lucky enough to have big sails enjoyed a good day’s blasting. Results are enclosed.

The following planned raceday on 24 October was cancelled - it seemed that the attendance was goinmg to be low to zero, with many regular being away for the long weekend. Unfortunately it was impossible to inform everyone of the cancellation, so I apologise to anyone who turned up expecting to race.


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