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The last newsletter was Feb. 1999 and much has happened since then. Unfortunately, recalling past events is not as exciting as looking forward to future competition, therefore only brief comment is made on some of the highlights over the last year.

Apologies for the lack of communication but MOA has a certain dysfunctional culture. Whilst not intended, the newsletter has an annual nature to it!!!

I have used headings for the key points to keep an order:


Currently on the mailing list we have in excess of 80 names. For the year 1.04.99 to 31.03.2000 we have received 7 payments! Attached is the mailing list with a column for paid/unpaid. Recently I have confirmed to Yachting NZ that all Olympic trial competitors are paid up members. It will be important to at least get these subscriptions before 9/3. Also the Nationals are discussed below and it would be helpful to have the subs beforehand, rather than be running around on start day. An invoice is included for your convenience and it would be appreciated if you could return the same with your cheque.

History since Feb 1999.

Youth Trials 1999:

Won by Gareth Wood and Stacey Cree from Wellington. The boys was described by Yachting NZ as the most fiercly competed youth class - 2 points separating Gareth, Vaughn Clark, and James Wells after 9 races and the overall winner was only decided in the final race.

At the world youths in Finland Stacey finished 6th. in the girls and Gareth 10th. in the boys. Both very creditable in light wind sailing conditions.


NZ Mistral Nationals 1999:

These were raced in Wellington at Plimmerton with the Paremata boating club as the organising club. More than 30 sailors attended and it proved to be a great event and an excellent long weekend. The first day started with winds in excess of 30 knots which produced some carnage and plenty of DNF results. Following 2 days were light and had people thinking better of the first day! The Kendalls took out both the mens and womens classes.

World Championships Noumea 1999:

Considerable effort put in by the New Zealand contingent, with several weeks in residence by the "guns" beforehand. Trade winds are typical at this time of the year providing strong conditions. Unfortunately whilst the trades blew prior to the event the actual competition was sailed in relatively light breezes.

I had the opportunity to watch my first world windsurfing championships and the overriding impression was the depth of ability. Any of the top 40 men, 20 women, could win, and this was evidenced with the spread of results through each of the races.

Barbara triumphed in the womens competition without having to race the last. An outstanding effort, although not to suggest that any of the races were easy.

The mens went to Lars Kleppich and, whilst he is an Australian, it must be said deservingly so. J.P. was 5th., Arran 10th., Bruce 17th., and Shayne 40th., in the gold fleet. N.Z. was the second ranking country in the gold fleet for representation, bettered only by France, with 6 entrants.

The Worlds’ should not be allowed to pass without comment on the titanic struggle in the masters section. The intensity was akin to fiction writing, with two competitors dominating the series. That they were from the same country, New Zealand, a small nation with less than 4 million people, only added to the surreal!

In many ways it was sad there had to be a winner, but eventually the judges had Grant Beck as first and Paul Page second. The protests still go on but..............

World Championships Argentina 2000:

Currently being sailed. Arran the only N.Z. rep. These are hot on the heals of Noumea because of a squeezed competition year with it being Olympic year.

Day 5 as I write and he is third.


For mistral sailors these are dominated by two events - detailed below;

Olympic trials:

9tn. - 18th. of March at Eastern Beach.

2 races each day Sat 11th, Sun12th, Tue14th, Wed15th, Fri17th, and Sat18th


Mens - McIntosh, Tobin, Kendall, Bright, Radley, Wood, Wood, Clark,

McCormick, Wells. (no seeding intended!)

Womens- Kendall, Worth.

Should be a great competition. Whilst the mens could be considered a two, or three, horse race it is probably the greatest depth N.Z. windsurfing has had for an Olympic trial.

The stakes are incredible and with only one spot in each, we wish all competitors our very best wishes.

Mistral Nationa)s:

31st. Mar to 2nd. April.

Venue Takapuna Beach. Organized by Takapuna Yacht Club.

Sponsor: Al inc Audio. Every chance we will have a major input from the sponsor

with them looking to get exposure through our event. This should ensure a high

profile and also greater attendance. Don’t miss out!!!!

Likely format:

Briefing 10.30am. Friday 31/3

First race 12.00 noon on each day

Series will be 8 races (3 Friday, 3 Saturday, 2 Sunday) with a novelty race to finish on

the Sunday.

Barbecue and cash bar will run on Friday and Saturday after racing finishes.

Sunday racing will be followed by prize giving. Start time for this is 5.00pm with finger foods and refreshments available. A local restaurant or bar will probably be the venue and this will be advised with the notice of race.

Entry fee is $70 (includes event t-shirt)

Classes are the same as Wellington and will cater for:

IMCO - Mens, Womens, Youth Boys and Girls.

Masters (35-50) and Grandmasters over 50.

Sports, Funboard, or Open. These will depend on number and type.

Other windsurfing events in the near future are:

27th. Feb Pt. Chev. Briefing 12:00 noon

12th. March Volcanic Classic (round Rangi.) Takapuna Beach.


Plenty of good windsurfing before we see the onset of winter downunder. Look forward to seeing you at the nationals, and can we please have some attention to the subs.

Windsurfing NZ