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WWA Newsletter December 1994

Auckland NewsFlash

The NZ Windsurfing Association has obtained an exemption for windsurfers from wearing (carrying?) lifejackets in the region (while sailing). In tandem with this is a need for windsurfers to monitor their safety and general performance record to justify the exemption.

Seen in the latest (December) Boating World, a full page glossy ad promoting windsurfing which is the first sign (for me anyway) of the windsurfing industry's collective effort to promote the sport.

Also in the same issue is the news that Peter Blake and Robin Knox-Johnstone, co-skippers of Enza New Zealand (Jules Vern Circumnavigation record holders) were awarded the Sailor of the Year award by King Constantine of Greece, while in the top 8 finalists for the prize were Grant Dalton (NZ Endeavour), Ross Field (Yamaha) and Aaron MacIntosh, Mistral Sailboard World Champion.( what was the rest of the world doing?)

Technical Books for the Technically Minded (Tiddley Pom).

Sails, 6th Edition 1988 by Jeremy Howard Williams. Pub. Allard Coles London. ISBN 0 229 11824 0

Aero-Hydrodynamics of Sailing, 1979 by C. A. Marchaj. Pub. Dodd Mead & Co (USA) or Allard Coles ltd (UK)

Sailing Theory and Practice, 1982 by C. A. Marchaj. Pub. Dodd Mead & Co (USA) or Allard Coles ltd (UK)

From: uncleiggy@aol.com (Uncle Iggy) Subject: Windsurfer Lost at Sea/Feared Dead. Date: 6 Nov 1994 22:44:23 -0500 Windsurfing pioneer/guru Milton Frobisher has reportedly lost one of his star sailing pupils to a little known oceanic phenomenon. It seems that while sailing several miles off the coast of a remote Pacific island, one of Forbisher's proteges inexplicably and mysteriouslydisapeared. A huge naval air/sea search yielded nothing (no board, no rig, no body). Bothered that the search had turned up absolutely nothing, Frobisher began to look elswhere for answers. Apparently he contacted a friend who had done a great deal of research with regards to the Devil's Triangle and Bermuda Triangle. After this discussion, he theorized that the young sailor was lost when he sailed into an area in which there was a huge underground mudslide (on the ocean floor). Evidently, these sub-oceanic mudslides carry enough power to abraid away the ocean floor substrate - thus, often releasing large quantities of gas that has built up and been stored beneath the ocean floor. As this gas bubbles and rises to the surface, anything on the ocean surface begins to sink (the ocean water containing this newly released gas hydrate becomes dramatically less bouyant). So why no sign of the young sailor's rig or board? Evidently, the gas-hydrated water holds a near zero bouyancy factor. The young man, his rig and board "sunk" straight to the bottom and where more than likely immediately covered by the sediment settling back into the gaseos erruption crater. This theory has apparently been used with much success to explain many of the disapearances in the Bermuda Triangle. With regards to "compass malfunctions and the disapearance of non-ocean going vessels (airplanes): the gases provide an extreme negative ionization of the air - rendering compasses useless, the gases also interfere with conventional areodynamics and are often very volatile - resulting in explosions when that contact hot exhausts from engines. At any rate, the young sailor remains missing as of Friday 11/4 and has not been seen for 8 days. He was apparently sailing one of Frobishers new multihulled hollow/gas filled speed boards and was using a prototype B adjustable foil active camber system sail (more on that later).

Q: I tore out the finbox on a Hifly 295 several years ago, (My first shorter /daggerless board) It took some work but I fixed it and it has held up til now.

A:The basic proceedure....

1. Carefully extract the old finbox if it has not torn out completely, attempt to minimize disrupting the surrounding foam in the cavity.

2. Carefully dig two narrow channels into the foam, spaced the width of the finbox that extend about 2 inches in front and behind the hole the old finbox fit in. ( what you are doing here is making a place to insert two stringers to support the replacement box.)

3. Make two stringers out of phenolic, g-10 or any very strong wood or composite material. preferably waterproof. The size will depend on the thickness of the tail of the board and the length of the finbox. You need a width of about 3/8" by 2.5" by 12" long. ( Finbox+ 4") Shape the stringers to fit flush with the inside top and bottom surfaces of the skin of the board.

4. Fit the stringers into the finbox cavity. You must push the stringer forward far enough to allow the end of it to drop in. Then slide it back so it is 2 inches or so in front and back of the box opening. Check the fit of the finbox carefully to ensure a tight fit against the stringers.

5. Buy a bunch of 5 minute epoxy. I used about 4 automix syringes. With the stringers removed, Squirt the channels full of glue and reinsert the stringers. Fill the remaining voids with epoxy. Fill the void the finbox fits in about 1/2 full of glue and insert the finbox and mash down on it until the flange is flush with the board bottom surface and secure it with something heavy to prevent the box from pushing itself back out during the cure time of the glue. Wipe the excess glue up before it sets to minimize clean-up later.

6 Give the glue a good 24 hours of hardening time. You can also use "slow" epoxy but give it 48 hours or so to Fully set up. At this point I had a repair that was serviceable, but the epoxy just doesn't bond to poly that well and I was concerned with water leaks. So I used super glue to bond the epoxy to the poly around the seam. I continue to reseal this seam every few months just for insurance.

The fix has performed very well and the fix is *much* more rigid than the original. I've run a 15" pointer on the board and it feels nice and solid. All that glue and phenolic did make the board heavier. (28 to 29 lbs ;^]) Now I call that board SOOOOOOEEEEEE!!

Good wind, and good luck!! Mr Finhead.

(WIND)Surfing the Internet

For those of you with access to internet here are a few pages of useful info, including an on-line Mistral catalogue and the America's cup site.

also available is a demo copy of a very interactive/graphic board design program which runs under Windows (PC), contact Bruce for details. This demo is quite good for giving information about a board shape (ie total volume, position of maximum volume etc).

Internet Rumour #316

Robby Naish and Don Montegue has resigned from Gaastra Sails. Lot of speculation that Naish will go to North Sails since Mistral has aquired North Sails. Look for an announcement from Naish by spring to what his plans are. Naish and Montegue has resigned but no one knows what in their future.

Internet Rumour #317

BIC Sport released the news of the purchase of Tiga from Neil Pryde at the Paris boat show. Offical press release from the US division of BIC Sport is expected later this month.

Harbouring Information

The latest issue of Harbour Safety produced by the Wellington Regional Council includes some items of interest. A comment by Ian Burns ( Harbour Ranger ) on the Auckland bouyancy aid bylaw points out that the requirement is to carry them not wear them, but more importantly says that there is currently no plan to follow suit in Wellington. Also mentioned is the issue of windsurfers being hooked by boats trawling fishing lures, Ian says he has contacted the boating and fishing clubs to remind them of their responibilities to other users of the harbour, particularly in congested areas such as Evans Bay. In turn we should be aware that the hazard may exist, when you are about to pass across the path of another boat be aware that...

Passing in front you run the risk of being run down, especially as yachts and large motor vessels cast large wind-shadows.

Passing below you may run foul of a fishing line.

Common sense should prevail, if you think there is a problem then tack/ gybe/ fall- off, don't sail into trouble. If you do encounter antisocial behaviour such as trawling in Evans Bay then get the name of the boat and inform the Harbour Ranger or the WWA committee.

On this note I talked to a windsurfer recently who had been out sailing his race board when he noticed some resistance, and discovered that some floating fishing line had neatly cut off his $250 carbon fibre centerboard (and had just started on his fin). Think I'll give up trying to bodydrag in the harbour!


I had noticed a newspaper style windsurf mag. from Oz in the supermarket over the last few months, but after a casual glance had decided it was too Oz-Oriented (say that fast with a mouth full of sausage!), especially for the price. The other day I picked up a free copy at WildWinds and all of a sudden it looked heaps better, if you're quick there may be one left.

Local Events

The Have a Go Day which was organised for the 6th of November was cancelled in view of forecast 60 knot winds for that day, another day will be arranged in the new year.

On the 27th of November there was WWA BBQ at Eastbourne, a social affair. As usual the wind was up and I hear about 15 sailors hung around for a BBQ after the sailing.

The Annual Wellington Harbour Blast, set for the 11th or 12th of February 1995, is a spectacular downwind drag race between Petone and Eastbourne via Soames Island (direction depends on the wind) which usually attracts around 100 sailors in a massive beach start. While the fastest sailors may take 15 minutes the slowest may take over 2 hours, with ages ranging from early teens to late 60s. Participation is the key, and a comprehensive fleet of support boats ensures that rescue (if needed) is always near at hand.

25th and the 26th of February will be the Introduction to Evans Bay weekend when the WWA will be on hand to help those who are not familiar with this area. contact Cathy 388-9383.

In addition there will be several club social events around the region. Other events coming up in '95 will include regional slalom and wave competitions, trips away to the Wairarapa and Taranaki, biathlon (sail/bike), Women Windsurfing, the Lambton Harbour Regatta and various performance clinics.

Around NZ

New Zealand Masters Games (30 years+) windsurfing at Wanganui from 4th to 7th February. Longboard, slalom and surf slalom options, only $30 bucks! Contact Bruce 3841213 for entry form or Laurie (06)345-3959 wk, (06)345-7262 hm. for information.

Formula 42 Nationals have been re scheduled from 21-23 January to the 6-8 May.

Fosters Butlers Reef Wave Nationals have been moved from 3-6 Feb. to the 16- 19 February, rumours of top overseas entries also.

Southern Lakes Series is on again, 3 events from (apres) Christmas to about 7 January.

Bic Sports Champs, Christchurch 14-15 January.

Assault Coastal Classic, Mount Maunganui, 7-8 January.

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