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WWA Newsletter February 1995

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Crossword solution

Here's the answers (or at least one version of them, mine). For those of you who tried, you will see some of the clues were truly cryptic, some vaguely so, some lazy, some crazy and one (24 down) in error, I can't spell "alpha" ( re-rig a greek to ... should be an anagram of "alfa to"). Feel free to contact me if you don't understand my humour/reasoning.

For Sale

Lightning Protection Kit Note: This was a paid ad, but as a WWA member you could advertise your gear for sale, or gear wanted, here for FREE! Contact Bruce 384- 1213.

Book Reviews

COMPOSITE BASICS 3RD Edition - Andrew C. Marshall.

This book was written for homebuilt aircraft enthusiasts but contains a well written practical guide to the materials (fibreglass fabrics, resins, cores), design methods (calculating stresses and loads), adhesives and bonding, fabrication (moulding methods, tooling) and load testing the structure. Although not directly sailboard orientated, it has good descriptions of vacuum bagging and other techniques used extensively in board manufacture. One surprising comment is on the use of standard waxes as release agents for moulding, I always understood silicone and resin didn't mix. Published by Marshall Consulting, 720 Appalosa Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA.


This book is a classic in Hawaii, with a list of acknowledgments which reads like a whos who (including Ed Angulo, Jimmy Lewis and Rick Naish). Three sections cover Preparation (workspace, tools, materials and safety), Construction (design, shaping, laminating, finishing) and repairs (custom, production and surfboards). Lots of photos, basic (and repetitive) instructions and tips from the pros. Doesn't cover the more advanced techniques like vacuum bagging, or materials such as divinycel, carbon fibre or kevlar, but provides an excellent reference with humour for home repairs or that first home made board. Published by Sun Flare Maui Inc., 115 Kapuahi Street, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii 96768.

Proposed concept plan for the HIKOIKOI Reserve, Petone.

The WWA has recieved a copy of the concept plan for the Hohoikoi Reserve in Petone, which is the stretch of foreshore from the playground at the end of Petone Esplanade along to the mouth of the Hutt River. For those of you who don't sail there often this includes the park where the Harbour Blast starts or finishes. While plan looks inoccuous enough it is significant that it appears to take no account of the water use along this section of the shoreline. The picnic area which has just had it's fence lowered to facilitate getting in and out with sails is to have its "facilities improved", which could easily lead to the area becoming unusable for rigging. The area further east where the Harbour Blast usually starts appears to be targetted for a miniature golf course, a cricket pitch and shrubbery, vehicles will probably be unable to get to the beach as they can at present. Submissions have been invited at a Petone Community Board Meeting scheduled for:

Start: 6pm
Date: Monday 6th March
Location: Petone Service Centre,
7-11 Britannia St.,
Contact: Jane Perry, ph. 5706-891
I'm going to try and be there, but since I no longer live out that way it would be great to have some support. Please contact Jane (above) or me (Bruce 384-1213) for a talk or a look at the plans, or turn up on the night.

NOTE: I have just come across a clipping from the Dominion (10/5/94) which states that Wellington has 100 identified toxic sites and Lower Hutt 77. Since a good number of these will probably be leaching into the waterways and hence the harbour this is cause for concern. If there is an environmental issue the WWA may be interested in, please get in touch - we must be active!

DIY Ice Surfer

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