The guide to
windsurfing in N.Z.

by Brian Scrimshaw
Ever had something break/lose something small and not been able to sail when it's a really good day? After spending a few years working out what is most likely to break (by breaking it), I have equipped myself with a windsurfing tool kit that (I hope) should keep me sailing in all but the worst disasters. I went to the warehouse and bought a cheapie plastic tool-box with a double fold out tray. Here's what I've put in it:

If you're real keen you could also carry:

A socket set A spare rubber UJ/tendon A spare set of harness lines (if you don't like buying them, you can make your own, see Gerard Elkink, home- made-Harness-line expert) A board shaping bay, complete with spraying facilities A sailmaker and rigging assistant Bjorn Dunkerbeck Helen Harrison has a great idea, she has a solar shower. So always a warm shower as soon as you stop. Very good.


Regularly check your downhaul and outhaul lines (especially downhaul) they wear and break with use, and if they're looking a bit threadbare, replace them.

Always check your mast base and UJ. These things do not last forever and I've seen people lose there gear and get into real trouble because they didn't check/replace them. If it's loose and floppy or cracked, replace it/take it apart and re-tighten it (with Loctite). You only need to snap it/have a nut come undone once on the water and you'll realise how hard it is to hold a separated sail and board and swim home. It can be very very expensive (and dangerous)

Wash out your mast base and boom regularly with fresh water. They'll move better and last much longer.

Any suggestions/additions welcome... Brian

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