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Taranaki is renowned for wavesailing conditions comparable to Hawaii (if a little colder). Close by is Mt Taranaki (Egmont) which can be skiied on in winter or climbed in summer to escape the heat. There are also walks along the mountain river or gardens to visit on windless days - or mountain biking expeditions to wherever.Best thing to do is contact the local Sirocco windsurfing manufacturers/shop for best place to go on the day. Excellent wave-sailing location located on the West Coast of the North Island. The three main locations are: Weld Rd, Pungarehu, and Kina Rd. Weld Rd works best in a SW and waves are usually not too big. Pungarehu (Northerly or Southerly)has supposedly the best waves, but is rocky. I haven't sailed there so can't comment. Kina Rd works in a NW or SE. Sou-Easteries are funnelled by Mt Taranaki and are usually very strong. It is Taranaki's BIG surf location and it scares the shit out of me and I have yet to see it on a big day.

Dial-a-forecast: 0900 999 39 / 0900 99 20
Info Centre: Cnr Liardet & Leach Sts, New Plymouth. Ph 06 758 6086
Local Shop: Sirrocco. Cnr Croyden and Main Rds. Ph 06 752 7562


Wave sailingChop jumpingRigging
Grass rigging and parking. No other facilities. A boat ramp leads to the channel out through the boulders.
Suits: Wavesailing. Intermediate......
Wind: S, SE = sideshore. N = sideshore but is uncommon.
Water: Wavesize smaller than other places.

  • Out for the rocks.
  • That you are wearing a good wetsuit - the water can get cold.
  • That your equipment is suitable for wavesailing conditions.


Wave sailingChop jumpingRigging
Drive south from Bayleys Rd or turn right at Pungarehu. Access at 3 hours either side of high tide. Grass but no facilities.
Suits: Wavesailing. Intermediate.....
Wind: SE = sideshore. S is Ok.
Water: Waves are of good quality and get MASSIVE
Watch: Rocks. That your ability is matched to conditions.


Wave sailingChop jumping
30 minutes drive from New Plymouth, turn right at Oaonui. A stone and sand beach with toilets. A narrow channel with rocks exposed at low tide leads out to three distinct breaks.
Suits: Wavesailing. Intermediate.....
Wind: SE or NW is best.
Water: SW swell in a SE wind forms best waves.
Watch: Rocks at low tide.

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