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30 minutes drive south of Wanganui and 15 minutes out of Palmerston North is Tangimoana - a small town with a dairy, a camp ground and a service station. Situated at the end of the Rangitikei river, it is one of the best speed courses in New Zealand. Popular for white-baiting also.Speed sailing site. This is a river mouth/estuary, at high tide the lagoon is fun, as the tide drops its possible to sail with 1m of the bank of the channel. Some sort of wave sailing possible on the coast. Room to camp. Turn off the main highway going north from Wellington to Wanganui at Bulls (yes, thats the name of the town).

Dial-a-forecast: 0900 999 10 / 0900 499 20

Info Centre: Civic Centre,The Square, Palmerston North. Ph 06 358 5003

Closest Shop: The Wind Shed. 62 Taupo Quay, Wanganui. Ph 06 347 1460


SlalomRace boardLearnerSpeedCamping
There are three access points to the river;

  1. Turn right (left if heading north) at Bulls and drive down Parewanui Rd on the north side of the river, or
  2. drive down Tangimoana Rd, turn right and drive over the paddock (no good if it has been raining heaps as the river floods the paddock) or
  3. drive to the end of Tangimoana Rd to the ocean beach. There is a car park - carry your gear 100m across to the river.

Suits: Slalom, Speed. Beginners....
Wind: Anything from the West is good - NW accelerates over the hot sand dunes.
Water: Flat.
Watch: -


Wave sailingChop jumpingSlalomCamping
From the car park at the end of Tangimoana Rd (same as above.) Rig on the sand/tarseal. BBQ area.
Suits: Slalom, wavesailing. Intermediate.....
Wind: Westerlies = onshore.
Water: Short chop at river mouth and bigger out the back.
Watch: Rip carrying out and down the coast from the river.

Foxton Estuary

Good all round location in stronger winds, flat areas for gybing and river chop hopping.

Lake Horowhenua

Small lake, with yacht club, good rigging (grass), suit beginners and longboards.

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