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*Wellington North

Wellington is the Capital city of New Zealand and the windiest. Home of Parliament, and gateway from the north to the south island, there are plenty of places to sail at, big city entertainment and several windsurfing shops.

Dial-a-forecast: 0900 999 11 / 0900 499 08
Info Centre: Civic Centre. Cnr Wakefield & Victoria Sts. Ph 04 801 4000
Local Shops: Wild Winds at Chaffers Marina
Hire Schools: Available at the above shop.


Access: 25 minutes drive north of the city, turn right at Whitby. Parking, grass rigging and BBQ areas. Toilets etc
Suits: Slalom, longboarding. Beginners....
Wind: Most directions except N which is gusty and common in summer. Strength is slightly less here than other places.
Water: Flat.
Watch: Rocks and shells on bottom - shoes are essential. Some banks exposed at low tide only.
In Detail: This is a large tidal inlet, ideal for learning in just about any conditions/ directions as its just about touch-the- bottom all the way across and is essentially landlocked so drifters can be rescued by car. Launching site is half way round north side. Wear sandshoes as there are some sharp stones near the shore. Bit shallow at low tide in places. Good place for beginners and learning gybes, waterstarting etc.


Access: From the Plimmerton Yacht Club. For wavesailing, there is limited access by the railway crossing at the main highway. From the Titahi Bay side there is plenty of access.
Suits: Slalom, wavesailing. Intermediate...
Wind: N,NW = cross/cross onshore winds
Water: Waves are not too powerful and form good ramps. A good place to learn to wavesail.
Watch: Other windsurfers - it's a very popular place. Boats which are navigating in/out over the bar.
In Detail: The other wavesailing spot near Wellington other than Lyall Bay, Plimmerton is best in a northwesterly. Waves form over bar about 200m out. Launching from South Beach, just over the railway lines, further round near the fire station or alternatively on the other side of the bay below the radio masts (turn off at Porirua and head for Titahi Bay). Plimmerton has variety and space for the type of sailing you want, but can get busy on a good day.


Access: From Titahi Bay turnoff.
Suits: Slalom, longboarding. Beginners...
Wind: S.
Water: Flat and shallow.
Watch: Out for the swans.


Access: ?
Suits: Slalom, wavesailing.
Wind: N,NW = cross/cross onshore winds
Water: ?
Watch: ?
In Detail: ?


Access: Various locations along shoreline, Waikanae river mouth and points north seem best
Suits: Slalom, wavesailing. Intermediate...
Wind: N,NW = cross/cross onshore and onshore winds, S is cross off. Winds considerably less than further south (Plimmerton/ Wellington)
Water: Fairly flat, moderate chop in stronger winds, break becomes difficult to get through as wind builds.
Watch: Power boats from boat club, also swimmers.
In Detail: This stretch of the coast features long sandy beaches and a prevailing onshore or cross-on NW wind. Good for slalom and longboard sailing although small surf can be a challenge to get out through. Access all the way up the coast is easy. Not a popular area as it tends to be less windy than further south (Plimmerton and the harbour). Can also be sailed in southerly. Wave sailing in stronger conditions.

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