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February/March Newsletter 1996

Those sunny hot windy summer days have attracted large crowds to popular beaches; windsurfers, canoeists, surf-skis, swimmers, sunbathers,..... and when it's onshore, the chop gets up, and so does the action, which can create a recipe for disaster. One particular day in Auckland, such conditions alerted both harbour officials and the media resulting in a very emotive story printed by the local newspaper. Windsurfers were making the most of the wind and waves to pull off high speed stunts - often close to other beach users - and breaking the 200m rule (of 5knots or less from shore). Most corrected their actions when notified by the harbour official, but of course there are always the few who spoil it for the many, who remained arrogantly oblivious. Harbour officials feared there would be a fatal accident with this situation. Another incident involved a rig being blown along the beach, narrowly missing several families and smashing into a sunbather. He was attended to by an ambulance for bruised ribs, but luckily did not need hospitalisation. This time, the windsurfers were also lucky - if any major accidents had happened, all windsurfers may have been scapegoated which could have damaged everyone, even in the industry (ie.= worst possible scenario!). So BE AWARE! - of the rules, of your capabilities (don't go out in difficult conditions close to others) of other beach users (keep well clear - they are unlikely to know how well you can manoeuvre your gear and they don't appreciate being frightened!) and of your responsibility as a representative of the windsurfing community!

And on a completely different tack - a letter was received from the Minister of Sport, Fitness and Leisure, the Honourable John Banks, congratulating and thanking the NZWA for it's "work in promoting participation and producing good results that place NZ at the centre stage of the world"!


Handbooks for Windsurfing School Operators, have been produced and circulated to 26 windsurfing schools around the country. Most of these schools are connected to the local retailers. There may be some hire/schools which we do not know about at isolated tourist/holiday locations - but we will be looking into that....

Paul Tuck, our Master Instructor, has booked his flights for the South Island to visit all the schools there, not only those who are ready for assessments to become NZWA certified - a slight change from the original plan, but this is to take advantage of the funding and make personal contact with everyone, give them an opportunity to ask questions about the scheme, and give us a picture of the state of windsurfing schools in NZ. He will be phoning all the North Island Schools over the next couple of weeks, and arranging a time to visit them during February/March also. Our database is filling up with interesting information about the schools such as when, where and how often they operate, what level of instruction is offered, what type of gear they hire, and to whom (% of male/female, age groups, and strike rates). All info. will be useful to monitor levels of interest over the years, as well as being available to windsurfing tourists.

We will be sending in an application to receive the rest of the funding money from the NZWSC at the end of this month.

The NZ WINDSURFING MAGAZINE 's next issue is out real soon - keep an eye out at your local dealer - or phone Tim or Sam at 09 576 7920 for your copy/subscription.



Unfortunately we only have results to print here. A full race report will probably be printed in the next NZ Windsurfer Mag!

Men's Open: 1st Aaron Smith, 2nd Steve Cardno, 3rd Dean Dougan

Masters: 1st Dean Dougan, 2nd David Steel, 3rd Dave McPhee

Women: 1st Cindy Mosey.



- Report from the Taranaki Windsurfing Club newsletter as none has been sent to the NZWA office despite several requests........

Course Slalom - The first few days were frustratingly light nor-easterlies - meaning big sails and big fins. There was enough wind, however to get results. Taranaki sailors did well. They placed:

1st Dale Muller (Tar), 2nd Aaron Smith, 8th Paul Barron (Tar), 10th Neil Piebenga (Tar).

Slalom - The first day of the slalom saw the nor-east pick up to 30-35 knots.

It was a big day with small sails and plenty of carnage that included masts, sails, noses (ie boards!) and broken legs....However 2 rounds were completed before the sun set.

On the 2nd day, the wind moderated to around 20 knots, making the short course easier to negotiate despite the large amount of seaweed floating on the water's surface.

Results were:

1st Jarrod Scollay, 2nd Dale Muller (Tar), 3rd Neil Piebenga (Tar), and 8th Paul Barron (Tar).

All in all, a very successful event, and excellent reports about the organisation. Well done Dunedin.

WAVE NATIONALS - Held in Taranaki of course. Unfortunately no wind accompanied the swells so all went surfing instead - maybe next year......


* 17 - 18 February - International Teams Racing - Lake Waahi, Huntly. If you haven't got a team together, it would be worth going to just to watch. Last year was excellent, and this year should be even better. We have the largest group of international competitors ever visiting NZ in their build up for the Olympic Games. They first competed at the Australasian and Mistral Champs in Taupo, then Sail Auckland before this event.

* 2 - 10 March - Olympic Trials - Gulf Harbour, Whangaparoa. Who will be NZ's representative at the Olympic games in Savannah during June? Bruce, Aaron or a wild card!

* 13 - 15 April - F42 and Raceboard Nationals - Mt Maunganui.

* 16 March - Secondary Schools Regatta - Hannah's Bay, Rotorua.


* Mistral Nationals are now being held on the 26 - 28 April


Its been pretty quiet over the last couple of months I guess with Xmas and holidays and lots of windsurfing.......

but we have got some news from the:


Near perfect conditions one Friday at Pungarehu with 15knot Sou-easters and a 6 - 8 foot swell.....amping!

New Stereo at the Club rooms joins the $1 beers available from the fridge for members.

The healthy bank balance brings one small problem - how to spend it......? perhaps on trees for the reserve

to shelter from the sun whilst rigging and resting, perhaps a wind-watch phone system......

The club has voted in favour of the Sand Renourishment Scheme along with another 21 votes. Only 1 vote

against, so the $200,000 project is going ahead in February/March.

During March the club held a Sail Rigging Clinic, a wavesailing weekend camping at Waitotara,(rules had to be introduced for this year - no staying at the Pub later than 3am, no baiting the sharks, no counting the stars before the drugs wear off).

Scheduled for April are the Challenger Worlds, the Annual Lake Marathon, a night out at the Ploughman's End, and a Mountain Bike Ride.



Rivers and Lakes are the most common drowning places largely due to cars plunging into them = 1/3.

Advice from the council for summer: "swim between the flags, always supervise your children, and ensure your boat is serviced and maintained."

Excerpts from the latest newsletter:

* SPLASH: Thousands of school-kids are expected to cut classes this summer for a day of surf, sand and sun at their local beach due to the fifth year of one of the country's most innovative and successful outdoor education programmes. The Beach-Ed programme is subsidised by the NZWSC, and so only costs each child between $3 and $5 depending on the location with the school paying for transport to and from the beach. It is expected to pull in up to 75,000 participants, up form last year's 48,000 - feedback is excellent. The programme is designed to be sequential ranging from basic confidence skills in the water to knowledge about safety equipment and understanding conditions such as rips. Progressively they try to move children into working out their own limits while feeling confident about it. Lifeguards say they have noticed a difference such as children making sure parents are watching whilst they are in the water. Parents are encouraged to participate in the programme, which is also providing employment in outer areas such as Mt Maunganui and Waihi.

* TAKE THE PLUNGE: This NZWSC programme has been awarded "Outstanding Programme with a budget over $10,000" in the NZ Recreation Association Awards in September.


INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC ACADEMY 36th International Session for Young Participants.

The International Olympic Academy (IOA) is the educational branch of the International Olympic Committee and holds annual seminars for a variety of interested groups on topics related to sport and the Olympic movement. These seminars take place at the IOA's facilities at Olympia, close to the site of the ancient Olympic Games. It is an opportunity to meet people from around the world with similar interests for exchange and learning. Applications are now invited for the above session. Phone the NZWA for your application form.

Airfares, accommodation, and boarding expenses will be met through the Olympic movement.



Excerpts from their bimonthly newsletter:

* JUNIOR CLINICS: The USWA's 1995 Junior Grant programme was a huge success with nine groups from across the country participating. $5000 will be allocated again in 1996. It is available for 18 yr olds and under, and funds are used for instructor fees. (PS. see copy later in this issue).

* Sailors in the Virgin Islands were anticipating the 1996 USWA National Champs until HURRICANE MARILYN arrived, leaving a trail of unimaginable destruction. Islanders had to rebuild such basic services as power and water, so the event has been postponed until 1997, and Corpus Christi offered to run them this year! (Lucky Marilyn didn't decide to wait until the event!)

* UTAH has just won a fight against compulsory Personal Flotation Devices (ie lifejackets) after submitting the facts to the Court in the pamphlet produced by the USWA " Why PFD's Aren't the Answer to Windsurfing Safety: Putting PFD's Into Perspective" Yazoo!

* PEACE THROUGH WINDSURFING: At the opening ceremony for the 10th ASA International Boardsailing Champs in Eilat, Israel, competitors sailed across the border to Jordon, marking an historic lowering of old barriers. Everyone attending was enthralled by the sense of occasion... "how could it be that two peoples, divided only by this beautiful piece of water, have been so completely isolated from one another?" remarked the IMCO president Martin Evans.


Full calendar of events to date are available now from the NZWA office.


Excerpts from their latest newsletter:

* The MANUFACTURERS PRIZE based on the top four men and the top three from the other divisions, during the IFCA World Championships which were held at Langebaan, South Africa, went to:

Boards: 1st Mistral, 2nd HiFly, 3rd AHD, 4th = F2 and Fanatic.

Sailmakers: 1st North, 2nd = ART and Pryde.

* New IFCA home page address: http://www.ultranet.com/~dwc/windsurf/ifca