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October must be the month for big changes here. Exactly two years ago we gained a fax machine, last year
we connected to the internet and this year we have changed our name to "Windsurfing NZ"! Our address
and phone number remain the same but our Email address changes to "wsurfnz@nznet.gen.nz".

The membership drive has also been launched. We have joined up with the scheme that Surfing NZ has
been running for a year now and which everyone wants to be in on. It involves paying a bit extra for your
Windsurfing NZ Membership card entitling you to 5% discount from over 100 Surfing/Windsurfing Industry
Member shops and manufacturers, plus many other discounts from travel and accommodation outlets all
over New Zealand.

Just complete and send in the membership form included in this issue.

Lifejacket Dispensation
Two years ago we were also in the throes of gaining dispensation for windsurfers from the Auckland
Harbour Lifejacket bylaw, which we eventually succeeded in. At present, we are waiting for a decision from
Yachting NZ about our application for dispensation from wearing lifejackets at YNZ sanctioned events under
their new rules. Our recommendation was that "the wearing of a regulation buoyancy aid be optional for
windsurfers as long as they are wearing a wetsuit/harness unless conditions were extreme in which case
the OD could decide that buoyancy aids must be worn by everyone".

Nth Isl. Courses:
24 - 28 November 1997, Pt Chevalier Windsurfing School, Auckland
7 - 11 December 1997, Rotorua Windsurf School, Hannah's Bay, Rotorua.
March/April 1998, Pt Chevalier Windsurfing School, Auckland )to be confirmed

Sth Isl. Courses:
16 - 20 March 1998, East Coast Windsurf School, Christchurch)to be confirmed
23 - 27 March 1998, Vauxall YC/Watercooled, Dunedin) to be confirmed

Master Instructors: Nth Isl. (Rotorua) - Ken Kingsbury (),
Sth Isl. (+ Auckland) - Ben Corrigan (09 815 0683)
Cost: $350

Three Year Expiry Term: If your Instructors Qualification was issued more than three years ago, it has
expired!. It is easy and inexpensive to renew it. If you haven't already received an application form, phone
the NZWA and we will post one to you. Return the form with $25 for the manual and other updated
information, and let us know which day of which Instructors Course you will be present at for an assessment
($25). A new certificate and laminated I.D. badge will be issued.

* NZ WINDSURFER MAGAZINE: Get the first issue for the season from your local rag store
NOW!. Shane and Shaan have taken over from Sam Parker with promise for more action, more fun and
more radicle everything or phone them at 09 309 2707 for a subscription form. Our gratitude to them for
continuing to support us too.



Windsurfing's Olympic greats; Barbara Kendall, Bruce Kendall, Aaron McIntosh and upcoming Jon Paul
Tobin have just arrived in Freemantle, Western Australia to train for the 1997 International Sailing
Federation Worlds which run from 8 - 23rd December.

Windsurfing New Zealand (formerly the 'New Zealand Windsurfing Association') reports that "this will be
the biggest windsurfing event ever. Never before have the great international classes of windsurfing had
their world championships at the same time, in the same place before."

"Most of our representatives shall be competing in the Mistral (Olympic) Class. Other top New Zealand
windsurfers such as Julie Worth and Paul Page shall be joining them over the next few weeks. Luke
Watson, has entered the Funboard Class Worlds, and James Dinnis is preparing for the Formula 42 Class
Worlds (choice of any four sails and two boards within specified measurements). The other Class
Associations staging worlds there are the Windsurfer Class, not followed in this country, the Australian
'West Oz Gold Cup' given
to winner of the International Class, and organising authority ISAF, which will hold a Freestyle
Championship and a Grand Marathon Finale.

"This will be the largest New Zealand team to be competing overseas together yet, and with the talent we
have, we are set to make a big impact on the top end of the fleets. Thanks to the Sporting Foundation who
through Yachting NZ allocated money for the 'Olympic Team' to train for and compete at the Worlds, we
shall be following them closely over the internet site especially set up to cover this exciting event.

Ladies Nights - Tuesdays between 6 & 8 pm at Pt. Chevlier
Raymond Street boat ramp.
Contact Nicola Sinclair
Ph 846-2132 (h)
or 378-1320(w).

Results of the 1997 New Zealand Speed Sailing Nationals,Mangawhai Heads, 4-12 October

Organiser: Luke Wigglesworth
Ph (09) 377 5112, Fax (09) 377 0159, A/H (09) 575 5216

Class Divisions: All competed at the same time
Open Class - any custom slalom or speed board
Production - Any IYRU recognised production board

Rules: P.B.A. Speed 1996
Course was 500 metres on open surf side

26 competed, results were aggregated over 6 legs with 1 discard.
Thanks to Timing Officials Nick Tucker (starts), Shelley Wells,Kerryn Dubber,
Suzie Hanford (Finishers)

Windtalker (06) 761 8234

‘97 Wave Nationals - held in Taranaki in April. Day 1 was Kina Rd, northerly about 25
knots, swell about 1.3m, most on 4.4 - 4.7 sails. Day 2 wind went SW, Weld Rd became
THE place. Swell dropped to 0.6-1.3m with light winds requiring 5.3m sails. Results - 1.
Shane Bright, 2. Terry Vernon, 3. Dale Muller, 4. Barbara K., 5= Jono and Pete

Suggestions that with the number of Taranaki sailors venturing overseas present the club be
renamed “the Wanderers Windsurfing Club”. Also high hopes that the El Nino conditions are
going to bring stronger than usual winds in the region.Coming up (gone!), the AGM 24th
Sept. and the ‘97 Sirocco - 6th November. Note: Neil Piebenga finished 3rd in his age group
and 4th overall at the Maui Race series.
Contact: Carl Townsend, (06) 758-4360, fax (06) 758-2208, email ctownsend@xtra.co.nz

Winter Series Day 3: Gusty NE, average of 15 knots but varying 5-25. Brohn Torkler and Shayne Bright
won the 3 races between them with Jon Paul Tobin close on his IMCO. Overall series winner was Shayne,
with Brohn a close second and Barbara 3rd.
Formula 1 Class: With the increase in large course slalom boards (up to 310) with 450-500 fins and sails up
too 8.5m, there is talk of including this class within the NZWA class rules. This may encourage a few more
to become involved. If you have an opinion, contact Roger Tweddell, Windsurfing NZ president, or Arthur
Gatland, Ph/Fx (09) 267-6575, email gatland@pl.net

Wellington: AGM/BBQ was a mild affair with Bob finding no takers to take the helm, so he’s currently still
there. Planning is underway for the Harbour Blast and Ditch Derby as well as thoughts of a speed event
sometime. Balaena Bay development has been delayed and will probably be ready for next season rather
than this. Also talk of life jackets being made mandatory in Wellington, although whether this would
include windsurfers is not known