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Windsurfing New Zealand News - December/January
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9 Pah Road,
Onetangi, Waiheke Island,
Auckland, New Zealand.
Ph/Fax (09) 372-9422
Wendy Kendall/Secretary

From the Office

Also a big welcome to our new members: (name, NZL number)
Donna Allcock 308
J Beker
Chris Dimmock 26
Maree Flannery 176
David Gould 105
Justin Hall
Morag Kilpatrick 172
Peg Lockyer 174
Karen Masterston
Darryl Mc Connell 771
Paul Milne 152
Lyndsay Phillip 49
Clair Renall
Lloyd Ries 52
Mike Sinclair 731
William Thorpe 104
Maarten Van Rossum 818
Burkhard Vierth 148
Bryan Walford 417
C- Dave Webb  

Greetings, I hope you all enjoy our bumper xmas issue. Activities are rolling on here at the office: I have been replying to all sorts of requests about windsurfing from school children and university students to new members and enquiries from tourists. The Calendar has a few more events added such as the City of Sails series, the Volcanic Classic, the Secondary School Regatta and the Formula 42 Nationals. Thanks to those who are organising these events. I spent a week filming the Instructors Course: 27-30 November, for the CD-ROM. There were eight Instructors - a rather large group, with most flying through the intensive training which concentrates on communication skills as well as sailing skills and knowledge about other aspects such as weather and tides, sailing theory, safety and first aid. Congratulations to: Robert Cels, Troy Stevens, Nick Herd, Vaughan Clark, Allister Swan, Gareth Griffiths, Phillip Leadley and Donna Allcock.

Our first Progressive Coach Training Course was held down in Christchurch at the Eastcoast Boardriding School in early October. There were four participants - some only recently qualified WNZ Instructors, who all gave very enthusiastic feedback, and were already using their new skills of coaching students through beach and water starts, using harnesses and footstraps, and carve-gybing technique - with instant results. We are planning to hold one of these courses in Auckland if we receive enough demand.

The following week Ben Corrigan held a Competence Instructors Course at the Watercooled Windsurfing School in Dunedin. There are now six new WNZ Instructors swelling the fleets in Dunedin - Phillip Ware, Oliver Bradshaw , John Monk, Gavin Jackson, Colin Lumb and Andrew Maffey. They can now instruct a group of beginners about the fundamentals of windsurfing, including wind and weather,         equipment, safety and technique.  WNZ Instructors are sought after both in New Zealand and overseas - in fact there is a job available in FIJI at present (contact the WNZ office for details). To become a WNZ Instructor you will need to be at least 18yrs of age, hold a First Aid Certificate, and be able to manoeuvre a longboard confidently.

Thanks to all the retailers who have really made an effort - Howard
Anderson in Invercargill, the guys down in Dunedin - Watercooled and Custom Windsurf, Underground and Eastcoast in Christchurch, Ken Kingsbury at Rotorua Windsurfers, Southern Sails in Picton, Tradewinds in Nelson, Zimmos in Taranaki and in Auckland: Pt Chevalier Sailboards, The Pro Shop, WildWindSurf and recently Windsurfing South Pacific. Thanks for your support. Please ensure that if you have information on our home page: (, it is updated soon. Contact Bruce Spedding at home: 04 475 9236, or by email: Bruce will be updating the whole system soon, so our newsletters and the calendar including Notices of Race, are able to be accessed by our members and so I can update WNZ information on the home page regularly.

Hope everyone has a great holiday - the wind looks promising for pursuing our favourite pastime!

Wendy Kendall.
Administrator,  Windsurfing NZ

Event: 1999 Formula 42 and Raceboard Nationals
Organisers: Manukau Windsurfing Club
Date: 20 and 21 March 1999
Venue: Conifer Grove Reserve
Registration: 0930 to 1045, Saturday 20 March
Briefing: 1100, Saturday 20 March
Sponsors: TBD
Classes:  Formula 42, Raceboard, IMCO, Sports Divisions: (IMCO) Men, Women, Youth     (F42) Masters - age 35 and over, (F42) Grandmasters - aged 45 and over
Contact Name: Arthur Gatland ph (09) 537-0343
Race Format Course Races (M, triangle, trapezoid or similar).  3 or 4 races per day.
Entry Fee: $60
Entry requirements:  NZL number, or overseas National number

FORMULA 42 Nationals ...

As discussed, no other Clubs seem interested in running the F42 Nationals. Everyone is well aware that this event is missing from the calendar, but no-one has come forward and expressed a willingness to organise this important event.  The Manukau Club and I feel that if we don't do it, no-one will. 

Although we have run it recently, and we would rather see it go to a different venue, we will lodge an application to WSNZ to run the nationals to make sure that it happens!   Provisional details are as follows:

Arthur Gatland

Anyone interested in meeting / helping a visiting windsurfer?

Hello Bruce!
I will be coming to Auckland 27 of January to do some sailing in Taranaki. Before going to Taranaki I am thinking of travelling around for 2 weeks so I wonder if you know of any place where I can keep my eq. A couple of days in Auckland and then in Taranaki while I go down to Queenstown for a week.

Thanx for a great site!!!! Petter ( ) Swedish Windsurfing

WB01417_.gif (1257 bytes)

WOW had a fantastic opening night down at the Pt Chev club rooms the other week with up to 32 women participating in activities.  What a fabulous turnout - the boys were all craning their necks trying to find out what we were all doing in the club house - keep guessing boys!!!!!

Tuesday nights have turned out quite popular and any ladies interested are  welcome to join us for a night of fun and even a bit of tuition thrown in.  We have fun racing nights the last Tuesday in each month.

Just remember the Rangitoto relay event coming up end of November - 3 people per team (one must be female) - did I say fancy dress??.  It will be a fun day open to all levels with spot prizes to boot - so we will see you all there.  Check out the events calendar in Aug-Oct issue for contact details.
******  Cheers  SUE H

WWA logo
Wellington Windsurfing Association news -

The WWA got off to a somewhat shakey start this season when it looked like a committee to carry us through the next season may not be forthcoming, however after some soul searching it was resolved to not run the traditional big events (Ditch Derby and Harbour Blast) which have tended to sap the energy and enthusiasm of organisers, but to concentrate on more localised, social, less competitive and demanding - but most important FUN events. The result has been a series of simple but successful activities, including ... BBQs and swap meets at Pauatahanui and Eastbourne, ably supported by Dave McPhee and Wildwinds, course racing first Thursday of each month (from 6pm) at Seatoun.

The King of the Ditch event happened (no Queens entered, althopugh there were a couple of nominations on the day) - with new Wellingtonian Noel Shanks (Boardriders) and old Wellingtonian Roger Tweddell (North) providing shelter, sustenance and entertainment.


Typically the event, planned for the prevailing Evans Bay NW was graced later in the day by a southerly, and saw 25 sailors , many not normally seen at competitive events around Wellington, vying for the title. Wellingtonian Gary McCory narrowly (like 1 point on a recount) took the title from James Dinnis. With attitude scoring equally against technique Gary's "try everything" display won out (he had only learned to loop a few days earlier). Gary's tutors Troy Purcell and Woo (Loop Clinic) Norris came 3rd and 4th respectively. Rod Drury won the novice (non-looping) section.

The unseasonal southeasterlies have seen a concentration of sailors at Pauatahauni , one of the few sailable locations around Wellington in those conditions, especially when Kio Bay has large sewerage warning signs posted.

Coming up: 19-20 December there is a Women's Gybing Clinic arranged with Cindy Mosey coming over from Nelson. Numbers will be limited , contact Ruth Wallis 04 485 4898

Following on from the NZ Slalom Nationals a trip the Lake Clearwater is planned - 6-10 February - contact Dave at Wildwinds or Bronwyn 04 386 2550

Monthly BBQ at Eastbourne 1st Sunday each month except January (or if no wind) 10am - 4pm approx. As with all WWA events, the rescue boat will be available, all levels welcome.

The WWA is still working towards a launching and rigging facility at Balaena Bay in Evans Bay, after efforts earlier this year were squashed by the council at the last minute. There is a feeling that windsurfing has become a victim of the WCC  push to deny that Wellington is Windy because they think it's a turnoff to tourists. They should take more notice of the tourist buses which regularly stop to allow the visitors to photograph the windsurfing in Evans Bay!

As always, the WWA is looking to increase membership - so join before 23rd December and you go in the draw for a harness donated by the WWA and Wildwinds - send $25 ($40 family) with details to WWA, Box 453 Wellington.

WB01417_.gif (1257 bytes)

BS00621A.gif (3644 bytes)WNZ is looking for a new Administrator

Excellent part-time job which can be done from home - excellent opportunity for a keen windsurfer and extra income.

Contact Wendy at WNZ -
Ph/Fx 09 372 9422

You will need:
  • Your own computer
  • Committment!
  • Access 2.0 database and Word processing skills (Windows 95)
  • Communication and good language skills,
  • Spare time - 12 - 15hrs/week,
  • and an incurable addiction to windsurfing.
  • Business management also helpful.
  • No flunkies need apply.


What's new online ....


There are a number of new arrivals on the net recently, including some online wind services. Dave has a windmeter at Tangimoana with local news and reports, while Rod & Co. have Windnet  with windmeters at Evans Bay and Plimmerton in Wellington, and WINDNet in Christchurch have , and Lake Ellesmere, Lyttleton, Estuary and Northbeach covered.

wpe3.jpg (30372 bytes)

The Tangimoana site appears to be noncommercial, Wellington gives live data on the net free (at present) but is trialling a pager system, while the Christchurch system works on an 0900 number (99c/min). Look for more sites and web cams (cameras feeding live pictures onto the net) in the future.


The big news there was getting Barbara Kendall along for their last meeting of 98 at the Ferrymeade Tavern, obviously the local "Windsurfers Arms".

recads1.gif (5769 bytes)wzlogo5.gif (12766 bytes)The wiNZurf site contains the guide to New Zealand, the Windsurfing New Zealand pages, and is home to a variety of otherlogo1.gif (6501 bytes) windsurfing clubs and businesses. Also here are the Rec@ds Recreational Classified ads pages, and RecNZ, a database of New Zealand Recreation. Both databases are free to use and add your own information. wiNZurf also offers free web space to windsurfing clubs and businesses who support Windsurfing NZ.

BS00847A.gif (3051 bytes)The 1998/1999 windsurfing event calendar is online too, if you are reading this newsletter online click otherwise it should be appended to this newsletter.

wpe1C.jpg (5071 bytes)

New Zealand Windsurfer has a new owner, and a new look - but most important it still supports WNZ - 5 issues for $34.75 or 8 for $55.00, and you go in the draw for a new surfboard. PO Box 105-207, Queen St. Auckland.

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That was the headline for the press release from the Mistral Worlds at Brest for 1998 - it went on ...

Barbara KENDALL for the women and Aaron MCINTOSH for the men stand both on the higher level of the final podium. Very chauvinistically, we are very proud for Faustine MERRET (France) who finished third in the overall classification.

The sun popped his head out of the clouds, for an even better progress of the last day for the 98 Mistral World Championship held in Brest. With a 12 knots S/W wind during the first race, increasing to 20 knots for the second and last race, the 173 competitors were able to have and ultimate glance around the Brest Sailing Area.

barbara1.jpg (41175 bytes)WOMEN – after 11 races

Victory, with no doubts, for Barbara KENDALL (NZL) who arrived first for the last race, and who took with 14 points lead, in this way the crown from the head of Lee-Laï SHAN (HKG), actual World Champion.

Alessandra SENSINI, from Italy, because of a premature start, is missing the third podium step to the benefit of Faustine MERRET from France.

MEN – after 11 races

It’s a consecration for Aaron McINTOSH (NZL) who, for two years running, won the Mistral World Championship.

Amit INBAR from Israël (98 European Champion) and Nikos KAKLAMANAKIS from Greece (Gold medal for the 96 O.G), his more fearsome opponents, had to bow out from the Kiwi supremacy.

Bruce Kendall, Jon-Paul Tobin and Julie Worth were also well placed at the event. The following is a summary of press releases giving a feel for the way the racing progessed (I gave up on the spelling)

October 10: ... On Saturday, the 10th of october, 173 competitors (107 men and 66 women) of about 40 nations who have taken part in the Mistral World Championship 98, were in the starting blocks. The measurers made the last checks ; some of the competitors went on sailing and others took advantage of this day to relax.

The stakes are importants for the competitors and the nations.

Besides the Men and Women World Champion titles, the Mistral World Championship 98 in Brest will begin the qualifications for the nations for the Olympic Games of Sydney. The twelve first nations for men and the eight for women will be qualified for the next Olympic Games.

Among the favourites for Men World Champion Title, we can bet on the Greek Nikos KAKLAMANAKIS, who was the 96 Olympic champion, on Carlos ESPINOLA, the Argentinian who was silver medallist at Atlanta Olympic Games. We can also bet on Aaron McINTOSH, a new Zealander, who was the 97 World Champion, on Amit INBAR, an Israeli, the 97 Vice World champion and 98 European champion and on the French, Cédric LEROY. As far as the women World Champion title is concerned, we can bet on the French women competitors, Maud HERBERT, 5 times World champion, 98 European Champion, on Justine GARDAHAUT, the 97 Vice European champion, the 95 European Champion, and Faustine MERRET, who was second at 98 Sydney Olympic Regatta.

French women competitors will have to confront to Lee Laï SHAN from Hong Kong, the 97 World Champion, to the New Zealander Barbara KENDALL, the winner of the 97 Sydney Olympic Regatta, and to the Italian Alessandra SENSINI, who was bronze medallist at the 96 O.G.

October 11:...RACE 1 – Women – 66 listed, After a false departure, all the competitors dashed themselves around 12H00.A.M, to come first ; first battle and very first race for 1998 Mistral Mistral World Championship in Brest. As soon as the competition started, the favourites were there !… Barbara KENDALL from New Zealand, winner of pré-olympique selection Week in September 98, was first on the departure line, and it has been impossible for any other competitor to pass her before the arrival. Maud HERBERT – 5 times World Champion 91, 92, 94, 95 et 96 – arrived second at very a short distance from the new-zealander . The 1997 World Champion and 96 Olympic Gold Medal, Lee Laï SHAN from Hongkong came third, in front of Faustine MERRET from France who arrived second for the pre-olympic selection Week last September.

RACE 2 – Women – 66 listed, Nearly the same pattern as the first race. The decreasing wind was not an obstacle for Barbara KENDALL who finished first again. In second arrived Lee Laï SHAN from Hongkong, and the american Lanee BUTLER, came third.

MEN If it was possible to run together for the women, it has been a little different for the men ; the important number of competitors listed, forced the organisators to separate them in two different groups – GROUP A and GROUP B. The first round ( from Sunday October the 11th until Wednesday, October the 14th) will take only fifty per cent of all the competitors in each group up to the second round (from Thursday, October the 15th until Saturday, October 17th ). The fifty per cent eliminated will then, run on the Silver Fleet, and all the others on the Gold Fleet.

RACE 1 – GROUP A – MEN – 54 listed: Prezmek MIARCZYNSKI from Poland was the winner for the first race in the group A, in front of the 1997 world champion Aaron Mc INTOSH from New Zealand. The french Stephane JAOUEN, finished third.

RACE 1 – GROUP B – MEN 53 listed.: In the group B, the french Alexandre GUYADER, arrived first in front of the Israeli Inbar AMIT, 98 European Champion and 97 World Vice Champion. Nikos KAKLAMANAKIS, 96 Olympic Champion, from Greece, finished third.

RACE 2 – GROUP A – MEN – 54 listed: Prezmek MIARCZYNSKI from Poland, finished again first in front of Joao RODRIGUES, from Portugal – 3d in 97 World Championship. Laurent CALI from French finished third.

RACE 2 – GROUP B – MEN – 53 listed: Mingdong LI from China was the best in this race in front of the greek olympic champion KAKLAMANAKIS and Arun HOMRARUEN from Thaïland.

October 12:

WOMEN: Monday October 12th, 66 women were on the starting post to run two races for the 98 Mistral Worldchampionship in Brest. The french coach thierry FRANCOIS believes that the competition will be very hard until the end. Probably, regularity will make the difference. Barbara KENDALL (NZ), Lee-Laî SHAN (HKG), Chujun ZHANG (China) are among the more consistent competitors (in spite of the fact that Barbara finished 16 for the 4th race. You never know. !).Faustine MERRET from France is also very consistent in her results, may be a little less than the three first one, but we‘ll wait and see, the game is far from being finished yet….

RACE 3 – Women – 66 listed: Barbara KENDALL the new-zelander, first at the overall results on Sunday, was the leader during most of the race, but finished third after Justine GARDAHAUT (vice –champion for the 97 European Championship) who arrived first and the 96 Olympic Champion, Lee Laï SHAN from Hongkong who arrived second.

RACE 4 – Women – 66 listed.: China was the lead country during this race. Probably, because of the light wind and their small size, the two chineese, Chujun ZHANG and Ying HUANG finished respectively at the first and the second place. The american Lanee BUTLER arrived third just in front of Faustine MERRET from France.

RACE 3 – GROUP A – MEN – 54 listed: The New Zealander Bruce KENDALL was the winner of the third race, in front of the young French Stéphane JAOUEN (from BREST) who is doing a very promising start for the 98 Mistral World Championship. Chris SIEBER from Austria finished third. The 96 Olympic Champion Nikos KAKALAMANAKIS finished 8th, and the actual World Champion Aaron McInTOSH from New Zealand finished 7th.

RACE 3 – GROUP B – MEN - 53 listed: Miroslaw MALEK arrived first in front of the 98 European champion Amit INBAR from Israel and Joao RODRIGUES from Portugal, second at the 98 European Championship and third at the 97 World Championship. Nicola BEUDOU was the first at the french team, at the 5th place .

RACE 4 – GROUP A – MEN – 54 listed: The 96 Olympic champion Nikos KAKLAMANAKIS from Greece, winned his first race for the 98 World Championship, in front of Chris SIEBER from Austria who arrived second and Frédéric DUTHIL from France who finished third.

RACE 4 – GROUP B – MEN – 53 listed: Jon Paul TOBIn from New zealand arrived first in front of Eduardo GARCIA from Argentina, second and Nicolas HUGUET from France, third.

October 15:

WOMEN: Very good day for Maud HERBERT from France, who finished second and first of the two races this Tuesday ! The slightly increasing wind today seems to be a favourable factor for Maud HERBERT’s good classement and for Alessandra SENSINI, actual European Champion, from Italy who arrived first at the first race today. In the overall classification the four competitors into the lead : Barbara KENDALL (NZL), Lee-Laï SHAN (HKG), ,Chujun ZHANG (CHN) and Faustine MERRET (FRA) are slightly in advance in front of the others, but none of them can pretend, yet, to reach the 98 World Champion Title : anything can happen during the second round…..All the competitors deserved the short break of Wednesday and they will, may be, do some sightseeing around Brest, or more probably use this day to relaxe psychologically and physically, to be in a good shape for the second round of Thursday, October the 15th.

RACE 5 – Women – 66 listed: Alessandra SENSINI, Italy, bronze medal at the 96 Olympic Game in Atlanta, arrived first at a short head in front of Maud HERBERT (France), five times World Champion, second, and Barbara KENDALL (New-Zealand), 92 Olympic Champion, third. Lee-Laï SHAN from (HKG), 96 gold Medal at Atlanta, arrived 6.Th.

RACE 6 – Women – 66 listed.: Maud HERBERT (France) was the leader during all this race and finished first, in front of Barbara KENDALL (NZ), second, and Jessica CRISP (Australia), third. It was not a very good race for Lee-Laï SHAN (HKG) who finished at the 8th place (her worsth position since the beginning of the competition !…).

MEN: Because of the very important number of the competitors registred for the men contest, during the 98 Mistral World Championship, the organisators had to separate them into two differents groups. After a short break on Wednesday, the 54 windsurfers at the lead will, then, compete into the gold fleet (all their points cumulated during the previous day of the competition will, of course, remains). All the others, will compete into the silver fleet and their qualification will start from 54th down to 107th, for the 98 World Championship. Aaron Mc INTOSH (NZL) was the great leader today : he finished first for the two races. But he discreetly whispered to us : " we’re only at he half way mark, and the titled is not on my head yet ; Nikos KAKLAMANAKIS is still there with a lot of fire and all the others competitors are doing their very best !… ". But without any doubt, Aaron as well, has got a lot of fire….and ambitions !

RACE 5 – GROUP A – MEN – 54 listed: Aaron MCINTOSH (NZL) arrived first a short head before Nicolas HUGUET from France who finished second and Galvan MARCOS (ARG), third.

RACE 5 – GROUP B – MEN - 53 listed: Chris SIEBER from Austria was the best tactician in this race and finished first in front of Joao RODRIGUES (Portugal) second, and Przemek MIARCZYNSKI from Poland),third.

RACE 6 – GROUP A – MEN – 54 listed: Aaron Mc INTOSH World Champion in title is again leader in front of Amit INBAR (Israël) 97 vice-world Champion, 98 European champion, who finished second and Nikos KAKLAMANAKIS (Greece), 96 gold medal in Atlanta who arrived third.

RACE 6 – GROUP B – MEN – 53 listed: Dominic TIDEY (USA) arrived first, at a very short distance, in front of Laurent CALI (France) who finished second and Carlos ESPIONOLA (Argentina), silver medal in Atlanta, third.

October 16

The Winning Podium start to stand out on the Horizon….

The weather forecast proved to be right today : the South /West wind 25 Knots, have sweeped across the 1998 World Mistral Championship races area all day. Tomorrow will be the last day of the competition and it was very important today to organise at least three races for the men and for the women. The very good wind conditions made it possible.

MEN - First day for the final in the men contest : the 54 first competitors in the overall classification fighted harshly on the water, and the game is far from being over yet ! At the end of the day, MCINTOSH come first with 14 points lead, in front of INBAR (ISR), 1998 European champion, but the Greek KAKLAMANKIS is not very far, well decided to grap the opportunity to take the 1998 title to the actual champion.

WOMEN – At last some wind ! Exclaimed together Alessandra SENSINI from Italy and Maud HERBERT from France. The two breeze specialist shared the two frist places with a tiny advantage for the french girl ; very much at her ease in this wind condition. Maud, catch up in this manner, at the 5th place in the overall classificatiion, and then, will be may be able, if the wind remains the same tomorrow, to stand on the podium. But Barbara KENDALL is as well, at her ease in this type of wind and she’s still the first with 12 points lead, in front of Lee Lai SHAN the actual champion. At the end of the day, SENSINI finish 3rd, that has created a gap with Faustine MERRET who can probably, pretend with difficulty to stand on the podium yet, because of some tacticals mistakes. Tomorrow, only two races will, most certainly, be organised, to give a last chance to the 5 first competitors to fight for a few more points... (this was the last release before the final results ...)

Broadreach - Newsletter of Windsurfing New Zealand - December 98 - January 99

Mistral Worlds ... Final Placings - Women
Rgs Noms                                  Points Rangs aux manches
  1 KENDALL Barbara                        29.00   1   1   3  16   3   2   3   2  10   3   1   NOUVELLE-ZELAND
  2 SHAN Lee lai                           45.00   3   2   2   6   6   7   9   5   6   1   7   HONG-KONG
  3 MERRET Faustine                        59.00   4   8   6   4   4   6   5  17  13   5   4   FRANCE
  4 SENSINI Alessandra                     60.00   6   9  14  18   1   4   1   3   2 BFR   2   ITALIE
  5 CRISP JESSICA                          68.00   5  13   8  10  10   3   2   6  11   7   6   AUSTRALIE
  6 HERBERT Maud                           78.00   2  16  31  26   2   1   4   1   1  22   3   FRANCE
  7 GARDAHAUT Justine                      86.00  11  21   1   8  16  13  13   7   7   2   8   FRANCE
  8 ZHANG Chujun                           89.00   6   4   4   1   8   5  32  37   4  10  15   CHINE
  9 HUANG Ying                            106.00  18  11  10   2   5   8   8  14  31  12  18   CHINE
 10 NUVOLONE Sandrine                     135.00   8   6  12  11   9  11  10 DSQ  26  33   9   FRANCE          

Mistral Worlds ... Final Placings - Men

Rgs Noms                                  Points Rangs aux manches
  1  MCINTOSH Aaron                    38.00   2  16   7   5   1   1   4   2   3   6   7   NOUVELLE ZELAND
  2  INBAR Amit                        64.00   2   7   2  13 BFR   2   5   7   1   8  17   ISRAEL
  3  RODRIGUES Joao                    67.00  14   2   3  10   2   6  10   8  20   1  11   PORTUGAL
  4  KAKLAMANAKIS Nikolas              73.00   3   2   8   1  12   3  11   1  27  34   5   GRECE
  5  ESPINOLA Carlos                   79.00   4   9  10   4  12   3   7  11  17   2  32   ARGENTINE
  6  SIEBER Chris                      86.00  13  16   3   2   1  11   3  10  14  46  13   AUTRICHE
  7  KENDALL Bruce                     92.00   9  13   1   6  14  16  27   4   4   3  22   NOUVELLE ZELAND
  8  MIARCZYNSKI Przemek               93.00   1   1  12  24   3   9  24   3   7  19  14   POLOGNE
  9  HUGUET Nicolas                    96.00  33   8   9   3   2   7  13  12  11  27   4   FRANCE
 10  GALVAN Marcos                     98.00  12  15   4  13   3  15  16   6   9  11  10   ARGENTINE
 11  TOBIN Jon-Paul                   109.00  35  31  18   1  11   4  14  13   2  12   3   NOUVELLE ZELAND

ifca.gif (3214 bytes)Scott Fenton may not have been as successful on the tour this year as he perhaps hoped, but as this account shows, he's still very much up there ...

Scott Fenton wins the first Indoor Extreme Jump contest
Via IFCA...
The 1998 Paris Delichoc Technowave, 10th October
Stade de France, Paris

Scott Fenton wins the first Indoor Extreme Jump contest
An entirely new concept in ‘indoor’ windsurfing was debuted in Paris this weekend. The indoor windsurfing discipline which was first performed in France’s capital city nearly 10 years ago took an entirely new format as the racing discipline was discarded to be replaced by a custom made ramp, pool, fans accompanied by of some of the world’s top Techno DJ’s.

The location for the extreme jump was incredible, the sense of national pride surrounding the brand new Stade de France, location of France’s historic World Cup Soccer victory is immense. The world’s top windsurfers arrived in this magical venue to perform for the crowds. World number 3* Scott Fenton, America’s Matt Pritchard, Wildman Robert Teriitehau, Showman Eric Thieme, Multiple World Champion Nathalie LeLievre, French national champion Antoine Albeau and many more teamed with Sash, Mousse T, DJ Fred and Arnold T to create a highly charged mix of jump action and dance music. Eric Thieme, famous for his outrageous wetsuits again thrilled the crowd, arriving on-stage dressed in a wetsuit version of the French national soccer strip ! A special mention should go to Italy’s Matteo Bof, better known by windsurfers as I33, Matteo has a rapidly developing music career with Italian band ‘Bof’. Matteo played live before his largest ever audience, nearly 20,000 fans in the half-time interval.

The pool was a completely new concept, sailors launched into the water, directly from the DJ’s booth to begin a 70m run-up in a specially designed pool, just 10m wide. As sailors hit the indoor jump ramp, they moved up into the wind from 6 especially raised fans, designed to keep sailors ‘powered up’ through the jump, allowing increased rotation and a whole new realm of possibilities before sailors land in a deepened 20 x 20m splash pool.

wpe15.jpg (9840 bytes)A field of 12 top windsurfers took part in the first half of the show, as each sailor had 3 qualification jumps to make the top 6 for the show final. The new format and jump ramp made for incredible performances as sailors performed huge forwards, table tops and spectacular back loops. French stars Antoine Albeau and Thierry Belbeoc’h fond themselves inspired by the huge crowd and atmosphere in the national stadium and both sailors excelled. Albeau, who is not known for his indoor jump results put on an incredible performance landing back-loops cleanly to qualify for the final 6 in the second half of the show.
However, the show would belong to three sailors, Kiwi Scott Fenton and American Matt Pritchard and Stephane Etienne. The crowd took an immediate liking to the bright blue mo-hawked New-Zealander who revelled in the electric atmosphere and took nearly 10 minutes to return to the pits after each jump, spending time signing autographs and greeting the thousands of super-enthusiastic fans. Fenton, Pritchard and Etienne enthralled the crowd with truly ‘extreme’ jumping. The top three could not decide the contest winner until the very last jump. Matt Pritchard’s final jump sent the crowd wild as he became only the second ever sailor to perform an indoor ‘push loop’, a move only ever performed successfully by his great friend and rival, Scott Fenton. Pritchard’s performed the rotation perfectly but was unable to land with the precision he would have liked and missed out on victory by just a few points. Leaving Fenton to take the victory with Pritchard and Etienne as runner-up.wpe14.jpg (3998 bytes)The overwhelming impression of the show was a complete success, the artists who played found themselves amazed by the super-enthusiastic crowd who spent almost the entire show on their feet, cheering waving, or performing mexican waves !

The Extreme jump concept has proved itself as a fantastic new concept and format for the indoor windsurf discipline ... watch out for the new show at a european capitol near you soon !!

®SSM Freesports unless credited as SSM/ Dan Atkins

1998 PWA World Rankings - Summary

Following the conclusion of the 1998 World Tour the PWA has produced the following World Rankings:

  • Overall World Ranking (50% Race, 50% Wave)
  • Race Ranking
  • Wave Ranking
  • Freestyle Ranking (Men Only)
  • Indoor Ranking
  • Speed Ranking

Overall World Ranking (Men)
The final 1998 Overall World Ranking was topped this year by E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck for an incredible 11th consecutive year. Dunkerbeck was challenged all the way by the Pritchard brothers Kevin and Matt, eventually taking the title by the smallest possible margin. The defending champion took the top spot with 3.7 points from a 1st position in the Race ranking and a 3rd position in the wave ranking. This result was just 0.3 points better than US-933 Kevin Pritchard who finished second in both Race and Wave Performance. US-93 Matt Pritchard finished in 3rd position. Last year's Overall 2nd and 3rd Anders Bringdal and Scott Fenton dropped 2 places to 4th and 5th, making way for the Pritchard Brothers.

Overall World Ranking (Women)
The women's 1998 PWA Overall World Championship was won this year by Karin Jaggi. Jaggi has stepped out of the shadows and into the shoes of Nathalie LeLievre who retired from outdoor competition earlier this year. Jaggi picked up where LeLievre left-off, winning the overall title in impressive style with 1st position in both Race and Wave. G-680 Germany's Jutta Mueller was runner-up, for the second consecutive year, ahead of Holland's Lucienne Ernst who sailed consistently all year to earn herself a place in the Overall top 3.

PWA Race Ranking (Men)
This year's PWA Race Ranking was topped for an 11th consecutive year by Bjorn Dunkerbeck. Dunkerbeck wrapped up the Racing No 1 position at the Fa Westerland Grand Slam in Sylt. Although Dunkerbeck was challenged all the way through the 1998 season and suffered his first ever Grand Slam defeat at the hands of Matt Pritchard in Gran Canaria. Twice during the '98 season Dunkerbeck scrapped a nail-biting victory on the final race of the event, showing the fighting spirit and competitive qualities of a true champion. US-933 Kevin Pritchard finished in second position ahead of brother Matt, US-93., who were devastatingly consistent at both upwind and downwind formats.

PWA Race Ranking (Women)
Z-14 Karin Jaggi took the top spot in the 1998 Race Ranking with 2 wins in Fuerteventura and Sylt and a second position in Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria winner, Z-3 Sandra Gubelmann finished second, runner-up in the Race discipline, ahead of Germany's G-680 Jutta Mueller.

PWA Wave Ranking (Men)
With five events, including two Wave Classic events, the PWA Wave Calendar for 1998 was stronger than ever. This season saw the welcome return of Swatch as a sponsor of the sport, initially joining O'Neill as the 'presenting' partner for 'The Quest - the O'Neill Wave Classic II' , held in Esperance, Western Australia. Swatch then took a leading role as the title sponsor to the PWA World Tour final, The Swatch Aloha Wave Classic - presented by O'Neill. Australian Jason Polakow, KA-1111 successfully defended his 1997 Wave world title, clenching victory at the 1998 PWA World Tour final, the Swatch Aloha Wave Classic. Polakow finished ahead of US-933 Kevin Pritchard and E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck. Last year's World number 2 Robby Naish, US-1111 dropped two places to 4th position ahead of Norway's Vidar Jensen.

PWA Wave Ranking (Women)
Switzerland's Karin Jaggi took her first ever PWA Wave World Championship following strong challenges from the 1997 'Rookie of the year' Daida Moreno, America's Kelly Moore and Australia's Jane Seman. Jaggi clinched the title at Gran Canaria, sailing three times against Moreno in a nail-biting 'best of 3' finale which came down to a split decision on the third heat. E-64 Daida Moreno finished in second position ahead of US-6 Kelly Moore.

1998 Freestyle Ranking
The 1998 Season saw the introduction of Freestyle as a new PWA discipline. The discipline was developed in a format that would be exciting for the public both to watch and to attempt. Freestyle was received tremendously well, becoming a showcase for the sport, demonstrating how accessible windsurfing can be and it also had the major effect of making the sport more appealing to a new youth. Freestyle Windsurfing has moved the sport into line with Freestyle snowboarding, and Freestyle BMX. It can now be best described as the equivalent of 'skateboarding on water'.

The principle of Freestyle.....
The principle of a Freestyle competition is to score points by performing jumps, tricks and transitions in a heat. The discipline is judged purely on 'Overall Impression' and results are based around the sailor's performance throughout the entire heat rather than scoring the sailor on a number of separately scored, specific moves.

The 1998 Freestyle season began on Neuseidler See, near Vienna, Austria. Matt Pritchard, US-93 had the honour of winning the first ever PWA Freestyle event, finishing ahead of H-24 Peter Volwater and E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck. Dunkerbeck, the PWA Overall World Champion showed his versatility at the second Freestyle event of 1998 at Fuerteventura, taking a clear victory. This win by Dunkerbeck secured the first ever PWA Freestyle World Title meaning that he has now held every PWA World Title except for indoor ! Matt Pritchard, US-93 has had an incredible year also finishing on the podium in every discipline except speed this year. Matt Pritchard took second position in the Freestyle world ranking, trailing Bjorn Dunkerbeck by just a few points, and sliding in ahead of N-44 Vidar Jensen.

Indoor World Title (Men)

Britain's Nik Baker, took an incredible 5th Indoor Windsurfing World title this year in impressive style, winning both Race and Jump disciplines. Nik Baker finished ahead of the ubiquitous Matt Pritchard, whose jump performances in Marseilles and Istanbul were outstanding. Spain's Eduardo Bellini finished in the Bronze medal position, with strong results in both Race and Jump, although Bellini was unable to repeat his groundbreaking Table-top back loop from 1997. Bellini's legendary jump is still the highest scoring manoeuvre ever successfully performed in indoor windsurfing.

Indoor World Title (Women)

Although France's Nathalie LeLievre retired from outdoor competition with the PWA at the end of 1997 she continued with indoor competition. This decision clearly paid off as LeLievre took the Indoor World Title once more ahead of arch rivals Karin Jaggi and Valerie Ghibaudo. These three women now dominate the indoor arena, who will challenge them in '99 ?

Speed World Title (Men)

The 1998 Speed World Championship was held over two legs; St.Maries de la Mer and Leucate, both located on the West Coast of France. PWA race sailor Finian Maynard participated in the speed discipline this year after an encouraging speedsailing debut at Fuerteventura in 1997. Maynard quickly showed his ability for speedsailing, firstly by clocking up the fastest speed of 1998, then topping the Speed rankings after two events to take the Speed World Title ahead of FRA-23 Jose Bahadour from Gudaloupe and H-175 Huub Van Etten from Holland.

Speed World Title (Women)

The 1998 Speed World Championship was won back this year by France's Valerie Ghibaudo. Ghibaudo lost the Speed World Title to Karin Jaggi in 1997 and was eager to re-gain her status as Women's speed champion. Karin Jaggi could only manage to finish runner-up in the 1998 Rankings.

Broadreach - Newsletter of Windsurfing New Zealand - December 98 - January 99


wpe2.jpg (3709 bytes)New Windsurfing Tour - ASIAN WINDSURFING TOUR - all the excitement and up to US$20,000 prize money per event plus other extras -
  • Mistral Monsoon Madness, Kuatan, Malaysia. 23-26 December 1998
  • Mana Mana Amslam, Bintan, Indonesia. 13-16 Jan 1999
  • Boracay International Funboard Cup, the Philippines. 24-30 Jan 1999
  • Micronesian Open, Saipan, CNMI. 12-15 Feb 1999

Contact Windsurfing NZ or Proteus Sports Ltd. (852) 2854 1713, fax (852) 2854 1026 or email


wpe3.jpg (3924 bytes)Eta Naturals Windsurf Race Week - NZ Windsurf Nationals 99, Christchurch 4-8 February , Lyttelton Harbour, Lake Ellesmere - Class Divisions: GOLD FLEET: Mens Open, Womens Open, Mens Production, Junior (under 19 @ 3/2/99, Masters (35 and over @ 3/2/99) also SILVER FLEET:  separate start, shorter course for less competitive sailors, novices etc. Contact Adrian Roper, Ph 03 384 5086 , 025 363 115, email

Note: Current NZL Sail numbers are required by all entrants - these can be obtained by becoming affiliated to Windsurfing NZ (contact the secretary, 9 Pah Road, Onetangi, Waiheke Island,Auckland, Ph/Fax (09) 372-9422,

wpe1D.jpg (11948 bytes)Also new in NZ is the American Windsurfer, a somewhat different publication from the usual windsurf mags, more expensive but a  larger, glossy "coffee table" format that is also more likely to catch the interest of the non sailor with it's photo essays and in depth articles. Check your local shop or contact Graeme Wilson, 97a Cook St, Howick, Auckland.

from Rigby Cooke Lawyers:
Over the past few months, WNZ has been receiving very interesting articles about recent law issues affecting sport - both administratively and in the workplace. Here follows some of the more relevent excerpts:
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: With the commercialisation of sport, it is becoming increasinly important for sport to properly use its Intellectual property as this can form  the basisi of successful commercial merchandising and branding programs.

Intellectual property now includes what used to be "industrial property" patents, industrial designs, trade marks, service marks and trade and busines names, and also rights in artistic or literary creations such as copyright.

First identify these properties: logos, mascots, names of events, written programmes, equipment and confidential information. Then determine if these could be developed further. A marketing and merchandising strategy should then be developed to maximise protection of Intellectual Property as it is an asset which sports can offer sponsors and increase the value of
potential sponsorhips for sport. 

For a complete article, contact WNZ.

Recently a decision was handed down by the Supreme Court of New South Wales Court of Appeal which has the potential to expand the law of negligence in respect to duties owed by sports administrators. The finding was that a sports administrator could owe a duty of care to persons within the sport in respect of the laws or rules of the sport. A duty of care is not negated merely because participation in the sport is voluntary.

This includes event organisors, windsurfing clubs and schools - make sure you have a risk management procedure in place - knowing that you are satisfying your legal, moral and ethical duties by providing safe and effective sporting services will also increase your satisfaction and peace
of mind.

hillcommlogo.gif (3532 bytes)COMMUNITY SPORT FUND 1999
The Hillary Commission  has reviewed the criteria for allocation of funds under the Community Sport Fund. Key Policy Decisions are:

  1. Support for projects benefitting young people
  2. Coach or Volunteer Training
  3. Project costs

Clubs can apply and should contact their Community Sport Fund Administrator at their nearest City or district council for an application form - soon!

(An article from the Counties Manukau sports Foundation newsletter)
A Sporting Club is guaranteed success if it is vital, business-like, professional and efficient and has a sense of urgency at all levels. Many clubs aspire to this and those that come close stand out and win on all fronts. One of the essential skills in managing a sporting club is the ability to define the best path to wherever you decide to go and to get those that matter behind you.

The local sporting club is often the base of community social interaction and is the natural gathering place for the armies of volunteers that so willingly give their time to make a contribution to the community and to derive real enjoyment out of it. Organised clubs and groups are fundamental to the fabric of our society in the development of our youngsters into contributing, responsible members of the community.

by John Ryan, from the Ministry of Sport and Recreation, West Aussie.

man0001.gif (3042 bytes)Newsletter just in from Mankau Windsurfing Club reports a somewhat disappointing turnout at recent events, hope the Dec 6th event was better. North Sails are now sponsoring the City od Sails Series to the tune of $1000 sail as spot prize plus financial support for the series. Subs are also now due, if you want to join individual membership is $30, family is $60 plus WNZ full ($20) or racing ($10) affiliation. Contact Arthur Gatland , 215 Point View Drive, RD1, Papatoetoe, Auckland - Ph/Fx 09 537 0343 , 025 734 839 email



A variety of instruction packages from FINZTASTER - 1 hour introduction, through to CLINICS and even 3 days in the WAVES at Taranaki:

James Dinnis - Wave and Slalom Guru, and Ben Corrigan - NZ's most experienced trainer...

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Contact details

Point Chevalier 09 815 8585, 025 272 7664

Bucklands Beach 09 570 5121, 025 227 3373

Taranaki 06 752 7274, 021 665 263


wpe17.jpg (2115 bytes)MANLY SAILING CLUB - PO Box 126, Whangaparoa (09) 424 2984
Albany Timber Distributors Penninsula Small Boat Classic - approx 12 nautical miles, open to sailboards $10 entry Sat 26 December.
Manly All Comers Christmas Regatta - 27/28 December - open to sailboards, $25 senior, $15 junior


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