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This is an index to my work as a web site developer. It also contains my C.V. and other related personal information.

Web sites - Web examples/ hints -Personal/C.V. etc.

wiNZurf - my own web site (here), host to:
Non Destructive Testing Association - Niche market, includes NDT Employment page, world coverage, very popular.

NOTE! If that site doesn't connect then please try this:
Non Destructive Testing Association

Other sites I have created been involved with include:
  • N.Z. Film Festival, Perl scripting and database construction (coming on-line end of June)
  • Economics Group, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Ferrarat Freight Consultants
  • MORE FM - I added Perl scripting to allow station to update the information via the web.
  • Fringe Festival - I did the Perl scripting to allow reviewers to add their reviews to the event pages via the web.
  • Nelson Society of Modellers - for my Dad
Also recently completed is an Intranet application which includes video, audio and animation for the BECA Group using web technology. I have this in CD format (too big for hosting at present).
Concept work and new technologies:

Here are some concept pages and prototypes which demonstrate various styles and options.

NOTE These are samples only and have no connection with the organisations they refer to, please use your BACK button to return to this page.

  • MTA - traditional style, promote an image of tradition, quality etc.
  • MTA - modern style, clean, bold, primary colours, simple.
  • VUW - iTS using standard (university in-house ) graphics
  • VUW - relaxed style with character(s)
  • VUW - Stained glass, graphics extracted from the Hunter Building ...
  • Javascript - guided tour. I responded to messages that some browsers couldn't hack it by removing this script from my web site, audience coverage is more important than tricks and stunts! This is quite a useful demo of a stand along slide show type application.
  • Flash animation - low bandwidth vector based web animation/ multimedia, I have high hopes for this technology!
  • Animated GIF files, these are scattered through my web sites, here are a few of my favourites. Remember, too much animation detracts/distracts from the message/function.

Although I'm currently involved in web page and Internet developement, I'm also looking for career opportunities. I have 20 years experience in microprocessor design ( yes, I was there!), software development and research (ex DSIR). I maintain a cover letter with my intentions (they shift) as well as my C.V. and list of reports and publications which will give you an idea of my background and skills.

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