This book "A Guide to Surfriding in New Zealand" will sadly be Wayne's last. Wayne died in Bali on the 23 December 1997 surfing at the age of 50 years. What a way to go!

Before he died he had just finished compiling a book soon to be released "Surf and Snow New Zealand Guide Book". A comprehensive guide to both sufing and snowboarding in New Zealand both extremely useful and pictorial.

With Wayne's obvious knowledge of his own country through extensive travel research and participation a last book will become available along with his previous edition.

All enquiries: Viking Seven Seas, 23b Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu, Wellington, New Zealand.   E-mail: 

by Wayne Warwick

Order it now! - only NZ$25.00 (includes p&p worldwide)

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Viking Seven Seas,
23b Ihakara Street,
Paraparaumu, Wellington,
New Zealand. 

The ESSENTIAL Guide for anyone planning to surf seriously in New Zealand is now available by mail.
  • Full colour, including detailed maps and photos.
  • 327 indexed surf locations described in detail.
  • Phone numbers to call for each days marine weather forecast which includes swell size and direction, wind, tide and general weather information for all parts of N.Z.
  • Tips on travelling within N.Z., how to get around, talk the local language and understand the culture.
  • 4th edition since 1968
  • At this price it's the best investment you can make if you're visiting N.Z. and plan to surf!

Check out the samples below!

The book starts with a thumbnail description of New Zealand and then follows on with general information for the visitor planning to come from overseas.

2 pages of maps, travel tips, accomodation, surfing history and both "kiwi" (local) english colloquialisms and Maori phrases are included.

A general description of N.Z. surfing conditions is followed by an alphabetic index, a master (key) map and then 24 pages of surfing locations,

9 pages of climate information includes winds, tides, swell data together with charts and maps showing annual trends. MetPhone coastal numbers are provided for all regions which include wind, tide and swell information as well as a general forecast.

(Example )


139-40 Red Island
Left and right reef and beach break.
Off. N to W.
Best at middle tide.
Loc. 6 kms South of Waimarama.
Acc. and garage at Hastings and Waimarama.

141-42 Cray Bay
Good left and right reef and beach break.
Off. Westerly.
Best at middle tide.
Loc. turn off at Waimarama Road.
Private farm access.
Acc. and garage at Hastings.

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