In 1995, after numerous enquiries from net-surfers wanting to come to New Zealand to do the "real thing", but have only been able to find my New Zealand Windsurfing Guide, I decided to put together this resource.

This page is intended as a starting point for information on surfing in New Zealand. At the moment the only resources available are a pretty terse list of surfing spots compiled by me and references to two guide books written on the subject which I managed to extract from the local library for a brief time (demand is high, as is attrition, most of the surfing books were missing). I hope to have more information as soon as time allows, and if there's anyone out there who would like to help please contact me (Bruce), especially any surfers because a surfer I ain't! Have a look at the index, see if there's some locations you'd like to describe and email me with the description.

22/12/96: My plan is to make this a moderated user driven guide, that is in the new year I plan to set this site up to allow users to add their own information as automatically as possible. Meanwhile, thanks to all those who have been in touch and watch this space.

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