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  New Zealand has a number of well known windsurfers, the sport seems to suit the land of shoe string budgets, binder twine and number 8 wire (local jargon). The internationally famous include:
Santha Patel, former Womens World Champion
Bruce Kendall, Olympic gold and bronze and not finished yet, still a hot prospect for the next olympics.
Barbara Kendall, Olympic gold and more, a really hot prospect for gold again.
Scott (Mowhawk) Fenton, 10th PBA 1995 and photographic model,
Aaron McIntosh, former Mistral World Champion and olympic prospect, pushing Bruce Kendall all the way, they train together and team up when needed.
Terry Vernon, former Formula 42 World Champion
Dale Muller, NZ wave sailing champ (for 8 years?), Taranaki Sail Co.
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