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Wanganui is situated about 2-3 hrs north of Wellington on the way to New Plymouth, and is one of the windiest cities (3rd equal with New Plymouth) in NZ. Nearest shop is Ocean & Ice in Palmerston North. Some of the friendliest sailors around live here.Wanganui is further down the coast from Taranaki, and boasts some good wavesailing beaches also. The River can also be sailed in, and there are canoeing expeditions down the Wanganui River from further up towards Ohakune. Wanganui also has an interesting museum as the fertile soils and access via the river made it a popular home for Maoris for many years.

Dial-a-forecast: 0900 999 16 / 0900 499 20
Info Centre: 101 Guyton St. Wanganui. Ph 06 345 3286
Local Shop: The Wind Shed. 62 Taupo Quay. Ph 06 347 1460


SlalomRace boardLearnerRiggingHIRE
By the Wanganui Sailing Club, facilities at Club. Best 3 hours either side of high tide.
Suits: Slalom, longboard. Beginners....
Wind: NW,W,SW. S is good for the speed bar at low tide on other side of river.
Water: Flat.
Watch: Out for logs which float down river especially after rain.
Hire School: Available at the Wind Shed.
In Detail: The river is sailable in any wind, however tides are critical, maybe 2-3 hrs either side of high. Also the tide tends to bring down a lot of wood at times. River can be polluted at times. Site of the Masters Games windsurfing (alternate years).


Wave sailingChop jumpingSlalomRiggingCamping
10 minutes drive north of Wanganui. Camp grounds, facilities, good parking, grass rigging areas, sheltered.
Suits: Slalom. Intermediate.....
Wind: W = side onshore. WNW = onshore. E is Ok.
Water: Steep chop good for jumping.
Watch: -


Wave sailingChop jumpingRiggingCamping
25 minutes drive north of Wanganui. Open camping. Launch and sail out through channel markers. No good at low tide.
Suits: Wavesailing. Beginners.....
Wind: W = cross shore - best direction.
Water: Good long peeling right handers.
Watch: Shell/rock reefs.
In Detail: In a westerly this is the place to be, right hand point/reef break. About half the swell of Kina Road it still manages mast high on occasions. The beach offers a milder version of the point for the conservative.

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